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Discover the Swiss Alps Mining and Energy company in this article along with what makes them unique. They are a new cryptocurrency mining company which will be located in the Swiss alps. It will be an environmentally friendly operation by utilizing the natural conditions, and by using a system for recovery of power called ORC. They claim that they can save as much as fifty percent of their electricity expenses by using energy that is renewable and from the ORC waste heat recovery system. More details about ORC system will be described later. The token sale for fund raising will begin in June of this year. The funds from this sale will be put towards hydropower plants and mining facilities. The token will be called the SAM token and will be used as a utility token to pay for mining and services within their platform.

Perhaps one of the most unique and interesting features that Swiss Alps Mining will be using is their ORC system. It is the first company that I know of who will be doing this. With the mining systems located at high altitudes in the Swiss Alps, they can take advantage of the fact that water has a lower boiling temperature at high altitudes. Additionally, the systems benefit from natural cooling because of the cold temperatures at high altitude. With these two factors, they feel that energy consumption can be as much as fifty percent lower than other types of mining facilities. Now let me delve into the Organic Rankine Cycle system, or ORC system. It takes the heat exhaust from the mining equipment and turns this thermal energy into mechanical energy, which is finally converted back to electric energy with the use of a generator. There is a better and more detailed explanation of how it works on the website, and Wikipedia.

Swiss Alps Mining will be using pre built modular mining cubes. These will be protected from dust and they will be connected to a central management system which allows for monitoring of each cube. These cubes will then be rented out to people who want to mine for cryptocurrency. The SAM token will be used to pay for these renting services. The prototype unit has 50 Asic miners in operation with 700 TH/s total capacity, along with GPU rigs totaling 4000 MH/s. There is also a larger prototype unit with about twice that capacity. The sizes of the two prototype cubes are about 4x2x2 meters and 8x2x2 meters. They are made with a ventilation system and an aluminum case.

The company will purchase wholesale renewable energy agreements and also run their own small hydropower facilities. The company feels that clean energy is an important part of mining for cryptocurrency. With increasing amounts of power being used for this purpose, it is important to consider environmental impacts.

The first step once funding has been generated is to build a few mining facilities to get revenue started quickly. Then they want to start purchasing the hydroelectric power plants. Last will be the development of blockchain infrastructure. If you want to discover more about this Swiss Alps Mining company, please visit the links shown below.

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