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A platform that is powered by blockchain, Kepler is a decentralised portal for the investors to invest in tangible assets such as lands, lab equipments etc. A portal which will be in complete control of the investor itself, this one will eliminate any loopholes that a centralised platform these days carry. Kepler will be a platform designed, modified and running on innovation of AI and the security of blockchain. Investors can earn tokenized assets through the whole new industry of robotics with humongous opportunities.

Kepler’s vision doesn’t come cheap. Their goal is to raise 250,000,000 USD. If achieved, their ICO will be rank at one of the top ICOs of all-time. I think they have a great shot. Their value proposition is off the charts.

Kepler isn’t messing around. They have some pretty incredible advantages and benefits. The most important is their geographical placement: Georgia. According to one report (2017 World Bank Report) Georgia ranks as one of the most attractive countries to do business with. Here are a few big reasons why:

  • TRADE. Kepler will be built in Georgia where it has the support of the government and free trade agreements with countries such as China, EU, and Post-Soviet Union.
  • TAX. Georgian tax reform accrues zero corporate income tax for Kepler, automatically translating into an additional 20% capital gain for the company each year.
  • MANPOWER. It is widely known that China offers the cheapest workforce. However, when it comes to the cheapest technical workforce, Georgia trips the chart by 40%!
  • GOVERNMENT POLICY. The Georgian government is very friendly to new start-ups and investments within Georgia. Through the Georgian Government new policy, Kepler Technologies will save money on building its physical properties. Kepler will be exempt from corporate income tax for 5-10 years, through the new amendments in the Georgian tax code.

The company will focus on these 5 fields:

Kepler Universe Platform
Just like ethereum or neo, managed to innovate the use of blackchan and got to be the main platforms for future cryptocurrencies, the same way Keplertek wants to do for robotics and High-tech development. Recognizing that there is a problem with funding in these fields, Keplertek will allow developers and inventors to submit their projects onto Kepler Universe Platform for easy access to financial and technical support.

Mega Lab
These is the place for developing the company own products and patents.

Mega Factory
The aim is that the factory will be the number one source of income. Here the main activity will be production of parts for the robots.

This, along with robotics market, is one with a big potential. Even at this time AI use in software used by traders is cutting down costs of analysis and lowers the risk for investments. And this is only one area where AI is leaving its mark. Keplertek has it's focus on AI since it it essential to their own company.

Kepler City
This is quite 2020 stuff. Since tourism is a big business, there is always room for innovating it. Kepler City will have the first Hotel and Restaurant fully served by the Robots. From their declaration it seems that there are already private investors interesting in this part of the project.

The platform’s sole mission is to enlarge a social networking platform that will help each and every individual who has stylish, original and imaginative technological ideas to find suitable workforce and build strong teams. The platform will also support startups and inventors, helping them transform ideas into credible business plans and presenting these plans to potential investors. To give you an idea of what technology can do in the 21st century, the diagram that follows shows growth rate, for the purpose of emphasis.

Users on the platform will be able to fund the development of project proposals by voting in KEP tokens to the tune of the project’s required funding via smart contracts. Once the target has been met, the project team will be flown to Georgia and given access to resources to prototype and market the project. Dividends will be distributed to backers for every successful project completion.
Unlike most Token Generation Events, Kepler Technologies is backed by both tangible and intangible assets.

Token Information:

The KEP token will be employed as an instrument that ensures rights of entrance to the platform and to allow the general publics explore the huge benefits of the bionetwork without chauvinism. To allow for participants to take part of the platform, ICO is out on offer. A total of 201, 500, 000 KEP tokens have been created by the developers of the ecosystem. During the Pre-ICO, 5, 000 KEP will be available for sale with 30% bonus while during the ICO stage 1, 11, 500, 000 KEP will be supplied with 15% bonus. 16, 500, 000 KEP will be available with 10% bonus during the ICO stage 2 while 21, 000, 000 KEP with 5% bonus will be offered to the public during the ICO stage 3. The final stage of the ICO will have 21, 500, 000 KEP with no bonus. Token sales will be conducted in two special currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Total token supply will be 250, 000, 000 KEP + 7 000, 000 Bonuses.1 USD will Generate 1 KEP which means that paying $1 investor will get 0.8 KEP in return.1 Token price = $1.25 Amount to be raised is $250,000,000. Tokens will be distributed as shown in the diagram that follows.

Symbol: KEP
Maximum Supply: 100,000,000,000 KEP
Type: ERC20
Price: 1 KEP = 1.25 USD
ICO period: KEP
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC.
Minimum limit: 10 million
Hardcover (including pre-sale): 50 million


Giorgi Topuria - CEO
Givi Dolidze - Chief Financial Officer
Assylbek Momynov - Director - Kepler City
Levan Gabisonia- Technical Director
Tika Nadareishvili - Director of Public Relations
Archil Nasrashvili - CPO
Lasha Gabidzashvili - Financial Analyst
Giorgi Kepashvili - North American Representative
Mari Shubalidze - Community Manager
Allan Dacunos - Community Manager
Shajid Mahmood - Community Manager
Vano Tvauri - Leading Developer
Toko Xucishvili - Web Developer
Behzad Anousha - Locking Chain Expert


Mohammad Bozorgi
Kirill Kazakov
Simon Choi
Jason Hung
Ruben Godfrey
Rumen Slavchov - Marketing Consultant
Vladimir Nikitin


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