BITTO Coin - An Awesome Crypto Exchange With 6 Different Ways To Make A Profit


Bitto is the "First innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform" that offers 6 different ways to profit. Bitto will be one of the biggest exchanges in 2018 and here is why; they are setting themselves apart by offering the most services ever offered by any exchange to date.

Crypto Trading

To break it down further, with trading you can buy and sell cryptos and make some really good profits if you know what you are doing. If you are a newbie then it is not recommended that you trade on your own because crypto markets are very volatile and you can get burned badly. The fifth income stream will be the best for you, in this case, getting signals from experienced traders, copying their trades and making proportional profits to what they are also making.

BITTO is etent proof of eten token ERC20 and supported by Ethereal blockchain. This will enable transactions at lower cost and benefit from price increases in ETH and BTC. BiTTo will be used as a proof of coin coin that is environmentally friendly and is a form of Digital Assets for loan guarantees. BiTTo creates a hybrid exchange platform that provides multiple streams of revenue for our users.

The BiTTo platform is now launching an exchange to give you a one-stop, practical, stable and realistic solution. This is coupled with the support, security enhancement and appreciation for our exchange users which is the value of our essential core competencies. We ensure that trading is done seamlessly, and support is provided within a reasonable time. We will be an exchange that implements 6 core service models into one exchange, providing many sources of revenue for our users, enhancing liquidity and a one-stop solution.

Bitto is "the first innovative cryptographic exchange platform" that offers 6 different ways to make a profit.

Bitto will be one of the largest exchanges in 2018 and this is the reason they broke away by offering most of the services that the exchange has offered to date.


BiTTo's goal is to create awareness of the benefits of cryptocurrency. We plan to expand globally, opening the opportunity to proactively pursue Merchants to lend platform, exchange and platform BiTTo. And our team will do this by growing with you. The exchange depends on society, for society.

To create awareness and bring mass adoption of BiTTo coins in everyday use in society, bring the benefits of cryptocurrency. Smart Trading, Lending, Stake Proof, Borrow, Signal, Referral and Buy Back, we sure can. We also provide funding for local businesses and expand our global office, which includes physical servers for faster and smoother trading, dedicated support teams and ATMs for BiTTo platform users

Exchanges Comparison Chart

Bitrex, Binance, Kucoin and many others have carved out their own space and have a certain market share, but more and more exchanges are created every day. Some do their best to escape and shine in this fast-paced arena. Some older ones do not have their own tokens or coins, but most of the latest have done ICO and get their coins that give certain benefits to the holder, from discounts at no cost to trading.


Bitto Price Guarantee Via Buy Back

The Bitto community strongly supports the concept of economic incentives as a primary tool to attract quality content participants to Bitto. As a result, it allows them to receive a fair remuneration, in proportion to their contribution.

Bitto Community Rewards

By using chain block technology, transactions and data are completely transparent. Ensure contract accuracy, financial transactions and other entries. This ensures accountability. Comply with KYC Verification Verification, AML and Google Two Step Verification.


Bitto Believe in its own coin value, Buyback funds are structured to ensure a healthy increase in the value of Bitto coins by burning a certain percentage. By using a block chain, this process will be validated and accounting statements of Buy back transactions will be released periodically to the public to provide confidence in the investment in Bitto coins.

Tier Based Users

To identify Pre-Sales & ICO contributors at a tier cost, benefits are listed in our Table here.

The Wallet Exchange app

Because we want to expand our sales team locally, exchange wallets that not only give you access to portfolio exchanges, but also use them with local merchants. Providing Merchants with an incentive to receive payments in Bitto.


Liquidity is always a problem with all exchanges. It has a platform, which benefits from Lending, Retrieval, Trade Signals, flexible loans and referrals, providing a complete, self-sustaining eco system. The Bitto exchange will take active action in providing liquidity for major blindness.

Token Details

Total TOKEN: 33.000.000 BiTTo
Hard cap: 60.000 ETH
BITTO COIN ADDRESS: 0x992B4E3C40557FfdDD482f47f646FEE43cCdF038

Token allocation

What is the dissemination % of all BiTTo made?


Q4 2017 = Pre-sale started.
Q1 2018 = listing on Coinmarketcap and several other exchanges.
Q2 2018 = Implementation of exchange support team, server testing and bounty rewards for bugs.
Q3 2018 = launch of lending program and exchange
Q4 2018 = Testing signal interface and setting up local offices with support and private servers.
Q2 2019 = Testing of ATM machines to utilise BiTTo in legally permitted countries.
Q3 2019 = App wallet and platform integration.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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