DonCoin (DCNX)

Digital currency has taken over the eco-system replacing the fiat currency, for every digital currency that emerges is aimed to proffer solution to numerous pending issue in the crypto world. Doncoin (DCNX), a revolutionary e-fiat that connect every stakeholder in the freelancing industry, using digital currency for transparent transactions that require no intermediary as in the case of the “conventional freelancing industry”. The DCNX is not different from other currency used as a payment network, it is a digital currency designed to be suitable for transactions in the digital world, it is for restructuring the job portal platform, and built on the ethereum blockchain ERC20 compatible.

The platform is created to focus on making available the job portal to individual token owners/ independent workers/individual investors irrespective of their location globally. The token generation event to aid the platform in planning effectively for the main purpose of the project, for the benefit freelancing and the crypto community. The core feature to be benefited from the DCNX platform.

• Job search (pool of jobs opportunities for various skills).

• To employers, hiring the best experts for projects.

• Gig economy, Independent worker’s irrespective of your location.

• Freelancers getting a good review of their project and get paid instantly.

• Payment made only for authenticated jobs.

Peer to peer network

The system is decentralized for peer to peer network owners to participate in every transaction process.

Smart contracts

In the decentralized system, the smart contract is one of the basic tool use. The focus of the platform is mainly on bringing the freelancers and the employer together in harmony, that it erases the need of multiple signatories.

Highly secured system

DCNX platform is highly secured, not control by a central body, with distributed digital database continuously verified, validate, and shared to all the servers involved. Hence it has disallowed hacking.

Core Features

ICO release

Total supply 200, 000, 000.00

Total available for sale 140, 000, 000

The Doncoin DCNX to be released after the launch of the job platform

Maximum purchase 1, 000, 000

Minimum purchase 1, 000 DCNX tokens

Token distribution

The ICO token will be distributed as shown below;

10% of the total tokens will be allocated for owners’ lockup.

• 70% of the DCNX tokens will be available for sale

• 10% of the general tokens will be allocated to

• Marketing, campaigns, bonus, and incentives

• 5% allocated to Team members and advisors

• 5% allocated for Social outreach and non-profit.

Stages of token sale

• Stage 1=$0.04 per token

• Stage 2=$0.06 per token

• Stage 3=$0.08 per token


• Make available various services that cut across different professional skills

• A social outreach, by helping an individual get a genuine job where they get paid.

• Designed and created on the ethereum blockchain for its future value, has high tendency to appreciate.

• The coin is tradable within members of the community

Token Holders Benefits

Roadmap for the platform

The roadmap of the platform is stated clearly for adequate digestion.

During the first quarter of the year, the team will focus on the ICO and continuous development of the job portal, a huge focus on marketing. The second quarter, the platform will be available for the token holders and the public, including all the functional features stated above.

In the third quarter, the team will focus on expanding the platform by improving and adding more features and take DCNX to external exchanges system. During the fourth quarter, the team will conduct an analysis on the outcome of strategies applied and investments made throughout the year outlined the outcome and work on strategies for next year. 2019, they intend to migrate the whole platform to the blockchain.

The Team

Brigitte Soler, Managing Director

Armen Nikoyan, Lead Developer

Antonio Rodrigues, Economist, and Advisor

Quirina Hernandez, Financial Analyst, and Advisor.

Technologies and partners that matter

• ERC20

• Linux

• Coin payments

• Php MySQL

• Windows

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Author: TheMichaelMatch

My BitcoinTalk Profile:;u=1326035

Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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