LIX platform will fuel the game economy by providing a platform to create and manage game assets which will be registered on a decentralized blockchain. Once registered on the block-chain, users of participating games can trade assets both in-game and through wallet exchange. The global gaming market will reach USD 108.9 billion globally in 2017, with an increasing share being made up of independent and hobbyist developers. Examples of in-game assets that would be traded in the real economy would be gold coins, land & property, weapons, collectibles, and other such items.

Players will be able to trade game assets in a decentralized market and through exchange wallets as the game items themselves will be linked to assets in the blockchain. Unlike some real-economy games where in-game currency cannot be spent outside of the game, LIX will allow this through the implementation of an exchange platform where game currencies and assets can be traded with any players beyond the game environment.

LIX will drive the game economy by providing a platform for resource creation and management that will be recorded in a decentralized block chain. Once registered in the block chain, players of participating video games can exchange assets both in the game and by changing wallets. The global gaming market for betting games reaches $108.9 billion in 2017, with an increasing percentage of independent and amateur developers.


It is based on Waves LPOS, which can enable fixed supply, renewable, issue assets, asset provision and asset data (Hash Storage, Mongo10 and text data). Due to the unique nature of the LPO algorithm (leased-equity test) used by Lix, the security of the distributed network of nodes and user wallets is guaranteed. The currency used in this platform is called LIXCoin. The supply is 10000000 and the complete nodes are 10000. Following the Lix roadmap, by 2020, you will have LIXissue Treasure coin at MMORPG Pirate Treasure Hunt Game.

Lix has time-stamped assets to prevent tampering with records, validate digital signatures, authenticate art and others. This is revolutionary! As for the private key is intact, the owner would have access to his own digital gaming property, such as the real ownership of land, game elements and assets in the game. With the Lix platform, there is no exploitation in the system, which can be obtained on other platforms. Lix has dealt with the problematic situation of the developer's market by having to obtain revenue from third parties, such as Google Play Payments. Here, the developer only needs to issue their game currency assets and will be openly traded on the platform, while earning profits without third parties. Lix uses a new cryptographic DRM to protect its customers from piracy. authenticate art and others.


The game merchandise market will sell merchandise and accessories for games, which include, but are not limited to: virtual reality games, game keyboards, computer mice, etc. The market will actively accept and promote LIX coins. It will also be a launching platform for the LIX games distribution network. This will allow the marketing of digital products related to the game space. This functionality will be implemented at a later stage.


Elixir would fuel the economy of the game by providing the platform to create and manage game assets that will be recorded in a decentralized block chain. Once registered in the blockchain, users of participating games could be commercially active both in-game and through wallet exchange. The global gaming market will reach $108.9 billion worldwide in 2017, with a growing participation of independent and amateur developers. Examples of assets in the game that would be traded in the real economy would be gold coins, land and property, weapons, collectibles and other similar items.


Players will be able to trade in-game weapons, coins, items, collectibles, custom skins, and other modifications and items in a decentralized market and through exchange wallets. The game items themselves will be assets in the block-chain. They function as standard assets in a block-chain, with a specific value representation in-game as game assets or currency which will be easily traded in the exchange wallet without the need for third-party exchange services. LIX aspires to allow players to trade game items beyond the game environment and into reality.


Coin Name: Elixir / Lix coin

Symbol: LIX

Sales period: will start in April/May and end in 3 weeks

Something: LPOS

Supply: 100,000,000

Full nodes: 10,000

Distribution of Token

Total tokens: 100 million

Reserved for initial financing: 1.2 million

Reserved for ICO: 68.8 million

Project reserves: 10 million

Rewards and referral programs: $5 million

Reserve for founders: 15 million

Road Map

The Team

Yogesh Panjabi: (Co-founder / CEO and Director of Web Dev)

Gaitchs Gangmei: (Co-founder / CFO and Marketing Director)

Alessandro Sanino: (Co-founder / CTO and Head of Security)

Adarsh Singh: (Co-founder / BCC and Head of Community Building)

Saint Kamei: (Business Development / Senior Consultant)

Miguel Azevedo: (Marketing Manager / Campaign Manager)

João Vicente: (Chief of Creativity / Main graphic designer)

Ryuichi Suzuki: (Japanese market leader / Japanese translator)

Jason Chadwick: (Project Manager)

The team behind the impressive idea of LIX platform consists of a highly reputed set of professionals who have been in the industry for many years. The team is a perfect combination of experience and expertise which should really help the project to be established itself successfully. You can find more information about the team and its background by following the link given below.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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For more information, visit:

Website: https://lixcoin.org/

Whitepaper: https://lixcoin.org/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://fb.me/lixtoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elixir_Platform

Telegram: https://t.me/lixcoin

Author: TheMichaelMatch

My BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1326035

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