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Forty Seven is a remarkable project to make a cutting edge all inclusive bank both for users of digital currencies and disciples of the conventional money related framework; a bank that will be recognized by global monetary associations; a bank that will compare to every one of the necessities of regulators.

A team of professionals from the worlds of banking, finance, and IT with expertise and experience in the creation and licensing of payment systems, and building of electronic financial institutions will work to realise the goals of the project.

Our bank will become the biggest structure that corresponds to all the requirements of regulators and the EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). We will comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies in order to guard against agents of the “grey” market.

Forty Seven is based on three principles: relevance, convenience, and security. Our specialists use up-to-date technological developments such as blockchain, biometrics, smart contracts, machine learning and many others. If you are interested in the specific details of our establishment and creation of a hitech bank.


Forty Seven Bank incorporates and deploys the most up-to-date innovative technologies available, such as blockchain, biometrics, smart contracts, and machine learning. This allows Forty Seven Bank to bring all the services of traditional banking to users of cryptocurrency and bringing to users of traditional fiat currency all the benefits of disruptive new technologies.


Forty Seven Bank introduces the concept of a ‘multi-asset account’ which gives customers access to and control of both crypto and fiat assets in one place, through one simple, easy to use interface. While the use of biometric identification and blockchain allows users ease of access and the capability to manage multi-asset accounts from anywhere in the world via smartphone, or ATM and without the need for a card.


Forty Seven Bank will be recognised by international financial organisations, and conform to all regulatory protocols and requirements, including the European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). The bank will also be compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, guarding against exposure to actors and representatives of the “grey” market. High-end encryption and biometric ID verification will be employed to protect and secure the integrity of customers personal and payment data.

Cryptocurrency and the technology driving it is changing the infrastructure, institutions, and processes of banking and will continue to do so over the coming decades. Forty Seven Bank is a bank tailor-made for this future, positioned to connect the crypto and fiat markets, unite them under one roof, and offer customers the best of both worlds with a bank designed for the digital age.

Forty Seven Banks , people living in Europe can easily open accounts with their cards and multi currency units interacting together. Internet banking or mobile application simplicity and ergonomically manage accounts in European banks in short. Forty Seven Bank customers can make money transfers, change currencies, buy and sell crypto currencies. Customers can pay with any shopping center card, withdraw money from ATMs or make money transfers.

The mission of Forty Seven Bank and management team is to provide safe, innovative and user-friendly financial services and products to our customers — individuals, businesses, developers, traders, financial and governmental institutions.

Forty Seven Bank is a bridge capable of connecting two financial worlds and establishing efficient communication between them, a communication that will open up possibilities to level up whole modern financial system.

Our Values

Transparency; Financial stability; Effectiveness and user firendly procedures; Security and privacy (data protection); Innovativeness; Customer satisfaction; Market share growth and worldwide expansion; Profit for all stakeholders.

Product And Services That Connect Financial Worlds

Innovative Products For Everyone

Multi-currency account. With the help of Forty Seven Bank, people living in European countries can easily open multi-currency accounts with their respective cards tied to it. With the help of this, you can easily manage accounts in European banks using convenient interface of an Internet bank or mobile application. Forty Seven Bank customers will be able to receive and send payments, convert currencies, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Clients may pay with a card in any service centre, withdraw or transfer funds via ATMs.

An integrated mobile and web-interface to manage accounts opened in any European bank in compliance with the PSD2 directive. On January 13, 2018, PSD2 directive on payment services will enter into force. Its regulations open up new possibilities for the clients. Clients will have access to centralised management of any account opened in person’s name in various EU banks. This solves the problem of bank transfers as well as removes the customer’s need to frequently login into several different financial structures to manage accounts. To use full list of Forty Seven Bank’s services, one needs to enter his European bank account number in the application or on the website and confirm authorised access to it.

Remote identification and authorisation using passport and biometric data. To become a client of Forty Seven, one needs to visit bank’s website or download our application from AppStore. Identification is done online without the need to visit a local bank branch. After a quick procedure, a fully functional account is opened on client’s name and he immediately gets access to modern cryptocurrency services. Client’s payment card is then sent by mail to the address stated in the registration form.

Analytics that helps clients to make right financial decisions by using services of personal manager developed on the basis of machine learning. FortySeven applications with the convenient and easy-to-use interface are ideal for funds management. Based on automatic analysis of monthly expenditures, they can manage personal and family budget guided by hints and advices obtained from a personal assistant.

Cryptocurrency transactions within bank’s application. By using mobile applications, clients will be able to buy and sell any type of digital currency at bank’s internal exchange with low fees and a very negligible waiting time. Conversion in any combination, including ‘cryptocurrency — fiat money’ pair is available. Funds may be transferred to any of the connected accounts or a payment card.

Unique and convenient combination of payment tools. Having a multi-account, clients of Forty Seven Bank will be able to use SWIFT system, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, make secured payments with cryptocurrencies. Clients get access to modern integrated bank service that comprises hi-tech mobile and online-banking, cryptocurrency applications and convenient tool for routine payments, available 24/7 in any part of the world.

Proposition For Business

This product will enable quick integration of crypto payments for online and offline usage.

Managing an account via Application Programming Interface (API), creation of financial applications

Receiving payments from a merchant in both cryptocurrencies and in fiat money on the company’s account (card, SWIFT) using a form or API

Mass payouts for marketplaces

Loyalty management for clients using big data

Factoring services based on the operation of machine learning and big data (artificially intelligent algorithms will be able to predict the probability of repayment of a credit as well as timeliness of financial aid to a company)

Escrow services

Mobile application with biometric identification for multi-currency transactions

Tools And Services For External Developers And Financial Institutions

Forty Seven Bank opens up various possibilities for software developers and partner banks.

Opportunity to provide Forty Seven banking services under your own brand (white label)

API access that allows the development and implementation of modern financial services based on Forty Seven infrastructure and processes

Holding DevDays conferences for independent developers

A showcase of financial applications using Forty Seven API

Features and technologies

Based on the possibilities of the banking and cryptocurrency industries, we will take the best of the two spheres using innovative and proven technologies in the fields of finance, analytics, and data security.

Forty Seven Bank will provide open, flexible and well-documented API covering the majority of banking services. We will launch our own financial application platform that uses our API. By attracting clients and external developers, we plan to turn it into an efficient ecosystem with constantly growing value.

Application of smart contracts to automate financial processes, thereby enabling us to make deals and give credits with no risk of fraud. The implementation of machine learning technology will allow the creation of a personal manager to foresee all wishes of the client. A virtual interlocutor will assist in the reallocation of cash flows and will provide timely current financial information.

Biometric technologies and blockchain will enable users to open an account distantly and access it via smartphone and ATM without using a card. In combination with cryptographic encryption, these developments will provide increased security of personal and payment data.

Emission of tokens

What is a Forty Seven Token: It’s a token that represents a part in Forty Seven Bank’s infrastructure and grants the wielder a priority place in the bank’s loyalty program. Holders of FSBT tokens have the right to receive yearly bonuses in the form of FSBL — Forty Seven Bank loyalty tokens. Besides that, FSBT tokens are a crucial economic part of Forty Seven Bank’s ecosystem — they will be needed in order to access the full range of products and services. After the crowdfunding campaign is finished, FSBT tokens will be available for trade at various cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is a token used for: 20% of the bank’s annual net profit will be invested into the loyalty program. Using smart contracts, each FSBT token holder will be able to receive their FSBL tokens based on the amount owned and afterward, exchange the FSBT tokens for different goods offered by the loyalty program (electronics, household items, airplane tickets, banking services, insurances, etc.). All FSBT token holders will receive the right to participate in Forty Seven Bank’s yearly crypto community development program and decide which projects will be supported by the bank and its shareholders.

Abbreviation: FSBT.

Control over emission: is provided by the system of interconnected smart contracts.

Rate: Fixed, value of one token — 0.0047 ETH.

Maximum amount of tokens to be generated: 11 063 829 FSBT (incl. bonus tokens, tokens for bounty and founders).

Minimum budget to start the project: 3 600 ETH (1M EUR).

Hardcap: 36 000 ETH (10M EUR).

Accepted cryptocurrencies on ICO: ETH, BTC.

ICO round 1: November 16 — December 16, 2017.

ICO round 2: December 17 — February 28, 2018.

ICO round 3: March 1 — March 31, 2018.



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