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“Neurogress develops software for neuro controlling electronics and machinery. What is NeuroControl? This is a technologically facilitated process which allows a person to directly manipulate a device using brain waves.

Building on this software platform, Neurogress already integrates its software and mechatronic control into thought controlled prostheses and robots. However, Neurogress ultimately aims to develop an entire ecosystem of neurocontrolled devices based on its software platform. These emerging devices will be informed by aspirations and design requirements drawn from diverse fields of human endeavor.”


“ To revolutionize how people interact with technology. Through gradually eliminating reliance on cumbersome physical interfaces, Neurogress aims to transform how people bring their creative and intellectual pursuits to fruition.”

Complex Objectives cannot’ be achieved

Neurogress, via their solution (software) wants to eradicate this problem. How their software going to do that, let me reproduce some words from the whitepaper:

“This is achieved through incorporating artificial intelligence into the process of interpreting a brain signal and converting it into action. By introducing software which actively generates an evolving algorithm for interpreting an individual’s brain signals, the potential for sending detailed, precise commands to a device is greatly increased.”

With the use of Non-Invasive techniques (recording the brain electrical activity with external devices), they are trying to provide solutions to their target markets. My apologies to the audience, if I miss any specific point related to any process, or system which will be explained hereafter.

Target Areas

Improving quality of life for people with disabilities

“One segment of the disabled population who can directly benefit from Neurogress work are people who have completely or partially lost limbs. The loss of an upper or lower limb as a result of an amputation is a serious problem for a person. It can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life, can critically curtail their physical activity and frequently leads to long-term emotional and psychological challenges.”

As mentioned above, Neurogress, with its non-invasive technique, avoid such critical procedure, the use of software based on A.I (self-evolving algorithm) learn the steps as quick as possible to 2–4 weeks, with more specific objectives achieved through prosthetics and with more accuracy, precision and better time reaction. Further, it must be noted that complete solution as estimated by the Neurogress team will cost 2–3 times cheaper.

Improving techniques for Robot control

“Using the NeuroControl software developed by Neurogress, it is now possible to control robots by the power of thought. The technology makes the control of robotic systems much easier and more accurate.

The company has begun to integrate its AI-based NeuroControl software in an android robot (a humanoid robot). Ultimately, our vision is that such devices will become valuable assistants to people in almost every area of their lives. Each person will have a personal assistant that will be controlled by the power of thought and the robot’s actions will be monitored through virtual reality devices. You will be able to see and hear whatever the robot sees and hears.”

Impact on Internet of Things (IOT)

Neurogress also plans to integrate its software platform with IOT and we will be able to control devices such as drones and other appliances with our thoughts, over a large distance. The process of doing this is very simple

  1. Think of an action to be performed by device

  2. External interface will transmit signals to software

  3. Software will read and interpret the signal and broadcast it over network

  4. Drone will perform that action.

The Blockchain Case:

As discussed above the example of village, let’s make it a global village and the resident of this village will be

· Manufactures of hardware/products;

· Software Developers;

· Algorithm Trainers;

· Control Users

· Final Users indirectly connected through any institutions

These parties will collaborate and work with each other for any specific objectives. Such as, there will be developers working on the software, there work will be patent/copy right through smart contracts, there may be any specific solution needed by any manufacturer from the community, that solution will be secured through smart contracts. Each business activity will be conducted further on the grounds of Neurogress software platform will be executed, secured through Blockchain, where automated delivery versus payment (DVP mechanism) will be ensured.

As described in white paper, “Neurogress Ecosystem which is aimed to deliver mutual benefits of NeuroControl developments to all parties via the Neurogress platform. Neurogress decentralized ecosystem ensures that device manufacturers, control users, software developers and algorithm trainers are supported by the Neurogress AI-based software, and brought into collaboration which allows to constantly improve the quality of brain signal pattern recognition.”

Components of Decentralized Ecosystem includes following:

• Neurogress Hub, a developer community space for collaboration and interaction;

• Training Center, a platform for newcomers to the field of NeuroControl;

• Marketplace that allows people to buy / sell software, hardware and algorithms;

• NeuroControl System, a specific NeuroControl end user product;

• Neurogress AI Software, the Ecosystem’s core for all components combining Neurogress SDK, big data of neural activity, neural network with trained algorithms for various devices and applications.

Token Economy

NRG Tokens

Neurogress, in a long term plans to launch its own crypto currency whether by using Ethereum or IOTA Tangle, however, current offering will be executed based on Ethereum network. These NRG tokens will be used as one mean of payment for products and services of the platform. The Token will represent following store of values:

· To allow purchases of software or devices in the marketplace.

· To pay for work of developers writing code for the needs of the Neurogress-based projects.

· To carry out contracts in the platform between customers and contractors to provide services for writing additional software, design applications and / or device prototypes.

· To pay for the work of users and developers who participate in the improvement and training of algorithms used for the platform and Neurogress software enhancements, as well as to create a database of neuro-algorithms.

· To carry out contracts in the platform between customers and contractors to provide services for writing additional software, design applications and / or device prototypes.

· To pay for the work of users and developers who participate in the improvement and training of algorithms used for the platform and Neurogress software enhancements, as well as to create a database of neuro-algorithms.

NRG Token Breakup

As specified in the whitepaper, total token volume will be around 100,000,000 units out of which 50% will be withheld by Neurogress with 40% locked up for a year. Key facts about the token issue are as follows:

· Fund Raising Target 58,500 ETH

· Private Placement @ 1 ETH — 2095.12 NRG before Jan 25, 2018

· Pre-Sale @ 1 ETH — 1047.67 NRG Feb 02, 2018 till March 03, 2018

· Final Sale to Public @ 1 ETH — 838.08 NRG * May 01, 2018 till Jun 06, 2018

*Price subject to phases

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

Till next time...

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Author: TheMichaelMatch

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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