Skychain: The Platform That Provides a Neural Network

Skychain has an open infrastructure and it depends on blockchain, which gives the likelihood to make, prepare and utilize high-quality medical neural networks.

Skychain (SCH) again is a blockchain-based open infrastructure project similar to Qbao, MiniApps, CLOUT, CoinStarter, Dimensions Network. Every member of the Skychain ecosystem will provide resources to create a product which is beyond any competitor. It enables any specialist or company to upload their data onto the system to help in resolving a particular task or medical issues. Skychain acts like a data marketplace where medical data providers can upload their data for the training of third-party neural networks.

1 – This ecosystem will prove beneficial for neural network developers as well as for medical data providers.

2 – It will allow medical data providers to connect with the SCH infrastructure so that they can upload their datasets in order to provide neural network training.

3 – The system will keep medical data in a closed loop, so that it cannot be downloaded by the developers to use them outside the SCH ecosystem.4 – In this way, they ensure that data providers will receive rewards for using any neural network of their data sets.Skychain is also beneficial in reducing the cost of medical neural network development that will ultimately lead to a high-quality neural network in the ecosystem. Moreover, it will provide a convenient tool for the development of neural networks to make the learning process faster and less expensive.

Advantages of using Skychain

Earn SCH coin for providing medical datasets: With the help of the closed-loop Skychain system, you can upload your medical datasets securely onto the system for the training of third-party neural networks. For this, you will receive an incentive for every neural network used for the training with your datasets.

Earn rewards for offering your computing power for use on the neural network: GPU mining of the cryptocurrency is not only beneficial for the society but also leads to great profits for you. You will receive rewards in the form of SCH coins for doing proof of work, proof of deep learning training, and inference of neural networks.

Design your own neural network: The researchers can design their own neural network by using the SCH neural network tool. This will help resources of the distributed network of the miners to become a faster supercomputer at a cost-effective rate of processing power.

Earn incentives on the use of your neural networks: If you have an excellent quality and highly-trained neural network, then upload it onto the Skychain network to help others. In this way, your data becomes available around the world and you will be rewarded when anyone accesses your neural network at the rate you have decided.

For accurate diagnosis: Skychain is comprised of hundreds of neural networks where doctors and patients will have the opportunity to analyze medical test results. In this way, they can ensure the most accurate diagnosis with a complete analysis and effective treatments.

Skychain is unique. It is different from other similar blockchain projects (SONM, Golem, SingularityNET, etc.) because it is focused on medical neural networks. Medical data providers will be able to connect to the Skychain infrastructure and make their datasets available for neural network training.

No major existing AI project based on blockchain technologies has a chance to enter the medical market. Skychain aims to do it.

Key features:

Earn Skychain Global Coin while providing your medical datasets for deep machine learning - Using a closed-loop system of Skychain, upload your private medical datasets, providing them for the training of third-party neural networks. Get royalty for every use of neural networks, trained with your datasets.

Earn Skychain Global Coin while providing your computing power for neural networks - Use your GPU for mining crypt, which is not only profitable but also useful for the society. Get rewarded not only for «proof of work» but also for «proof of deep learning training» and for «proof of inference» of neural networks

Develop your own neural networks and train them with the help of Skychain Global Coin's distributed supercomputer - Using the Skychain neural network toolkit, any researcher can quickly develop his own neural network and the resources of the distributed network of the miners will become the fastest supercomputer, with low cost of processing power.

Get rewarded each time consumers use your neural networks - Do you already have a high quality and trained neural network? With the help of Skychain, it instantly becomes available to millions of consumers all over the world who will pay for each time they access your neural network at the rate you set.


This ecosystem will resolve the various problems of the medical industry. Today, laboratories and neural network creators have no unified infrastructure through which they can provide access to their development to the doctors. The Skychain will work like an App store for them that can be quickly accessed by any doctor to use the neural network.The easy access of medical data for neural network training is another issue that comes with the developers. The Skychain allows data providers to upload their datasets in a closed-loop system which has the ability to teach third-party neural networks.

The system will keep the data securely, as the property of their owners and neural network. It will also make sure that providers will receive the fees for using each of the neural networks. In this way, developers will feel motivated to upload their neural networks onto the system for the development of the SCH ecosystem.

Moreover, neural network developers require expensive equipment to train their artificial neural network and need to experiment with multiple neural network structures to select efficient solution for the problem.

The Skychain offers the SkyConstrucor builder tools, that allow researchers to develop their own artificial neural network on the system and pay for renting the computing resource with SCH coins. The system also enables the developer to train their neural networks by using different datasets uploaded onto the SCH from different providers. This will surely help them in providing the most accurate and efficient training for neural networks. SCH is capable of storing thousands of specialized neural networks developed by corporations and laboratories.

How is it different from other available options?

SCH is completely different from other blockchain projects like SONM, SIngularityNET, etc. The Skychain is designed to work on medical neural networks so that medical data providers can connect with the system and upload their datasets for neural network training.Currently, there is no blockchain-based AI project in the medical industry.

About the ICO


Start Date : December 18, 2017 (00:00 CET)

End Date : January 7, 2018 (23:59 CET)


Start Date : February 26, 2018 (00:00 CET)

End Date : March 31, 2018 (23:59 CET)

Purchase :1 SCH Token sold at USD1.00

Supply Limit Of Tokens

Available For Sale : 30,000,000 SCH. All unsold tokens will be burned.

Token Sale Target : 20,000,000 SCH

Tokens Created (Hard Cap) : 36,000,000 SCH

Sale Bonus : 50% During Pre-Sale (2,000,000 SCH available)

Min Cap (Main Sale) in Tokens : 10,000,000 SCH USD10,000,000)

Token Price : USD1.00

Ticker Symbol : SCH

Accepted Cryptocurrencies : ETH, BTC

Token Allocation

Tech development : 25%

Legal and Regulatory : 15%

Business development : 15%

Marketing : 20%

Ecosystem Development : 25%

Token Distribution

Token Sale : 80%

Team tokens : 10%

Referral Program : 5%

Partners % advisors : 5%

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Author: TheMichaelMatch

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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