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The buzz about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is The TwoGap Crypto platform, which was created to provide Crypto Investors with the opportunity to purchase powerful and largest stop-loss products.

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What exactly is TWOGAP?

The TwoGap Crypto platform was created to provide Crypto Investors with the opportunity to purchase powerful and largest stop-loss products. It is called the CryptoBond TwoGap platform, which will help the issuer to encrypt traditional bonds in CryptoBonds, which are distributed to Crypto Market. In addition, the Twogap platform also protects investors, enhances the market, expands the scale and becomes the basis for the sustainable growth of the Global Crypto Market.)

The Twogap platform is named after the two-zone model published by Hollis Chenery in 1962. This model argues that if the investment needed for growth is a fixed rate, the investment deficit will be the main growth constraint. On the Twogap platform, we also provide TGT Tokens for the incentive mechanism at its economic level. These are not security tokens, but utility tokens. They are used to unlock all functions and transactions on the Twogap platform.

Therefore, they are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The volume of the Globe Bond market is 1.6 times more than the stock market (more than 100 trillion US dollars).

Thus, naturally, the potential demand for TGT tokens is huge. TwoGap Crypto Platform was framed to bring for Crypto Investors the chance to get great and greatest scale loss-breaker items. It is known as CryptoBond. TwoGap stage will assist guarantor with encrypting conventional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are coursed lawful in the Crypto Market. Other than that, Twogap stage additionally secures financial specialists, support the market, broadens the scale, and turns into the foundation of the Global Crypto Market's maintainable development.

The Problem of TwoGap

Individuals with interest found in the blockchain sector and the crypto industry at large, who've been following keenly the purchase price volatility of Bitcoin or perhaps other Altcoins, and who've gone ahead and committed to these currencies, have already been all smiles found in response to the unexpected income. However, they equally knowledge extreme disappointment when the marketplace drastically drops.

The complete crypto market takes good thing about the joy and weakness of the masses of prevalent investors to lay a trap for them and slowly but surely withdraw their money. Whales as well take good thing about this loophole of trader massacre and destroy the marketplace. All these indicate a collapsed crypto industry in the end.

The TwoGap Solutions

Therefore, if we can retain both old shareholders and their wallets into the market and attract extra new investors for the time being, afterward, it’s possible to start to see the progress of the quantity of money flowing. That is, however, only practical if their capital is usually protected.Something or a stop-loss device is probably the methods to protect the investment finance. This will help shareholders avoid sacrificing their wallet whenever the marketplace drops. The stop-loss device must have a large cap that may comfortably accommodate the significant investment on the market.

The Mechanism of Solution

Predicated on tracking, evaluating and researching supply and injuctively authorize, the Twogap platform offers a wide range of encryption, issuance, transaction processing, warranty, brokerage, sale and purchase of Twogap Bonds. via: 4.2 Solution Mechanism 11 CryptoBonds Encrypted Links (with no programming interface and more graphics)

The Aim

Since the sale of chips will take place in August 2018, the main purport of these chips will be to equip the terminus utilizer with the keys that will activate the functions on the platform Twogap. This is to facilitate the initialization of the beta version of the Twogap platform in October 2018. The secondary objective of TGT chip sales will be to boost Twogap’s brand vigilance through commercialization, magnetizing more users. There is no tertiary objective of selling tokens.

The TwoGap platform will be predicated on the EOS block-chain and will present two functions:

Feature One

ODAeyes – Manage and track ODA flows while handling – maximize transparency, resist corruption, and amend the efficiency of capital use.

The second feature

Cryptobond – bond issue, guarantee, transaction processing, sale and purchase Bonds – bonds of regimes and third world enterprises receive a direct approach to world capital.

Crypto Investors organizations and individuals have more channels of direct investment in bonds rated by rating and regime bonds of developing and underdeveloped third world countries. The principle of investing is not to put all the eggs in the basket, so it’s investing in a hedge with a lower average risk than a cryptoresource, and higher than a business and regime bond from the first world. A fascinating segment of the concern for investors, interest rates on business and regime bonds of the third world will be higher than from the first world.

The volume of the bond market is twice as high as in the stock market. Thus, the potential attractiveness of the Twogap platform is sizably voluminous, in other words, it is an opportunity for the crypto-investors of organizations and individuals to learn and take care of this project.

It is to be hoped that with the broad advancement of technology, we will not ignore the responsibility of society for the overall development of mankind. Anyway, let’s take part in engendering a better life for everyone and for ourselves.

TwoGap Market Segment-Partnership channels

Businesses of the diplomatic mission

International business association

Chambers of commerce

Non-governmental organizations

Global rating agencies

Big Four and different audit firms

Marketing channels

Mutual funds, hedge funds, traditional ETF funds

Traditional brokers and dealers

Crypto exchange

Crypto funds

TwoGap Competitors

Currently of all centralized exchanges, now there are USDT trade pairs. These secure coins are a haven for conditions when the marketplace is dumping. Also obtainable holds correct USD which can be a kind of stable currency. Even so, these coins usually do not take pleasure in benefit once traders move to them in a dumping industry. There are no passions for holding them either.Revenue Model:

Since TwoGap isn't a charity, they have devised the methods to generate income to keep carefully the platform ready to go. Their earnings model as enshrined within their whitepaper are the following;Crypto Bonds issuance & trading fee:

Interest difference for CryptoBond seeing as Dealer - Bid-ask spread Value expansion of TGT Tokens to the pool area of reserves. Both steady coins are backed by our dollars and such. Their source is limited because there isn’t enough us dollars in the lender. Thus an investor might not precisely have fair steady coins for a billion dollar investment.TwoGap’sCryptobond is which means a solution because they are backed by bonds, and their issuance is unlimited.


Twogap platform is Dapp base on Ethereum blockchain infrastructure TGT token is ERC20 token

Programerless & most visual - graphical interface

Encryption, Underwriting, Relayer, Clearing by 0x protocol

Off - chain order relay

On - chain settlement

In 0x protocol , order are transported off - chain, massively reducing gas costs and eliminating blockchain bloat. Relayers help broadcast orders and collect a fee each time they facilitate a trade. Anyone can build a relayer.

Liquidity interpenetrated pool

Two options for issuing CryptoBond: Option one - fixed interest rate - Over Counter. Option two - bid interest - Bid - Ask

Advantages of Using TwoGap

The benefits of using toggle as your platform resource management platform include all the benefits of BlockKen Technology. In addition, they are ready to charge by offering professional services. Cryptocurrency startups are popping up completely. Make sure you invest in one which will be successful.

Speed of transactions is reduced to seconds.

The database is encrypted and secure.

There is no risk of identity theft.

Cost is reduced because there are no third-party intermediaries.

The Importance of TWOGAP

For purchaser

Use two highlights and two standard results of Twogap to secure your capital, decrease hazard and increment your benefit opportunity in a coherent and expert way.

For backer

Governments, organizations, money related establishments, merchants, Mutual Funds utilize two key highlights to discharge CryptoBond to achieve the potential Crypto Market. USD trillion development throughout the following couple of years.

For ICO patrons

The answer for carry Bond into the Crypto Market with CryptoBond on Twogap stages connected to worldwide liquidity pools is down to earth and possibly rich. The formal channel approach is steady with the attributes of Bond and ETF shares. Specialized interpretations, posting, exchanging on TwoGap stage and network are paid and opened with Token, this is not a security token, it is an utility token, so all exchanges are not subject to the control board. Blocking nations, including the SEC.

Token Sale and ICO Details

TGT Tokens aren't security tokens. They will be utility tokens, and they'll be used to unlock companies and transactions on the Twogap system so that they will be utility tokens. They aren't beneath the jurisdiction of the SEC. Most symbols of opponents are security tokens. Consequently, they may face stringent monitoring by SEC and also have ensured compliance.

Token Details

Category: Finance

Whitelist of investors: Yes

KYC of investors: Yes

Soft cap: 10.000.000 USD

Hard cap: 30.000.000 USD

Tokens for sale: TGT

Token price: 1 TGT = 0.001 USD

Minimum purchase: 50 TGT

Whitepaper: Open

Currencies: ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Location: Singapore

TGT Token Distribution

TGT Token is the ERC20 Standard Maximum 210 billion TGT tokens will be issued 33% for ICO privatesale and crowdsale 33% reserve for the strike (mechanism emboldening all parties involved in TGT Economics tokens) 33% for ICO + 33% for the Incentive mechanism = 66% belong to the community 4% for Bounty 15% for R & D 15% for the team and advisers.



Complete R & D Global Bond Market & Technology apply



Complete R & D Global Bond Market & Technology apply


Complete the whitepaper.

Partnership network building : connected with organizations.

Governmental and non-governmental associations.


ICO promotion campaign.


Private presaleProduct prototype


Public crowdsale


First CryptoBond issue on Twogap, promotes marketing through diplomacy to underdeveloped nations.


Version 1.0 go Live with Ethereum Blockchain


First CryptoBonds issue on TwogapFY 2018 auditing


Q1 2019

Mass marketing campaign

Q2 2019

Addition of CryptoBonds instruments on the platform, Promoting marketing.

Q3 2019

Version 2.0

Q4 2019

0.1% Global Bond Market


0.5% bonds market


Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.

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