MAVRO Shake up the MLM Industry


The MAVRO vision includes ensuring that users using the multi-level marketing model in their businesses enjoy every benefit that should come with the model. However it has been discovered that within the multi-level marketing system, there are a lot of problems arising from financing and lack of transparency, and the MAVRO team is hopeful about being able to provide solutions, by the implementation of a decentralized peer-to-peer system which will be responsible for completely solving all the problems facing the multi-level marketing system.
Problems of Multi-Level Marketing
The multi-level marketing has problems dealing with the processing of payments, also there is the full involvement of Governments all over the world who have placed restrictions by thoroughly regulating the market. These regulatory impositions have had adverse effects on multi-level marketing businesses such that their growth is either halted or they run aground. MAVRO intends to creatively enter the market by eliminating the regulatory burdens and increasing productivity. Some of the problems being experienced by multi-level marketing businesses include:
Third parties getting involved in the payment systems.
Transaction speeds are very slow.
High transaction fees.
Hazardous and international payments.
Human factor because of its centralized nature, the system is vulnerable to mistakes and corrupt practices.
Cost for records keeping is high.
Recurring charges keep existing with the accounts
No transparency
Continuous struggle to interact with banks to get fair solutions etc.
Over-regulation of the system by different governments
MAVRO’s Solutions to the Problems
The solutions to the problems faced by the multi-level marketing businesses start from having a peer-to-peer system/network where users and companies have no doubts about the proper compensation for their services and products. MAVRO will deal with this by implementing the MAVRO Protocol.
The MAVRO protocol involves an Ethereum blockchain based system that uses Smart Contracts. This will make the system trusted, secure and transparent. The MAVRO protocol has benefits such as:
Enable the free flow of cash.
The MAVRO referral system will attract more users, thereby contributing to the exponential growth of the system and making it conducive for transactions.
Management of the system’s reputation.
More opportunities will be created for investors, because of the increased transparency on the platform, and the introduction of the MAVRO token.
Investors will get to enjoy an increased return on investments, and this is due to the money the investors save from not having to make unnecessary payments and fees.
There will be decreased fees, very minimal transaction fees.
It will also enable protocol liquidity and security.
With a transparent system, it will be totally impossible for bad actors to gain access to users’ data.
The government will not be able to interfere and impose regulations and unnecessary policies because the system is built on a blockchain network, which makes it decentralized.
MAVRO has a bright future, and will really bolster people’s confidence to join the multi-level marketing system.

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MAVRO is the flagship of the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing structures based on Blockchain Ethereum

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