Scavo – self-sustaining mining farms

The technology developed by SCAVO Technologies and third parties are wont to build independent and ascendible mining centers victimisation renewable resources for power generation. the aim of SCAVO is that the construction of large-scale mining farms. The SCAVO approach leads to a standard resolution, thatmakes it simply ascendible. It produces its own electricity victimisation renewable energy sources, changing into self-sustainable and environmentally friendly. All this goes to the profitableness of the project, guaranteeing periodical payments to investors during a utterly clear and automatic manner by suggests thatof smart-contracts. the rules that guide their proposal ponder access to scrub energy and at a really low value, the employment of commercial grade elements for the manufacture and assembly of the variousunits that frame the crypto mining advanced, energy potency and therefore the necessary hardiness to hold out the crypto mining method within the long run.

The project aims at the development and management of large-scale independent crypto-mining farms. The funds rised throughout the ICO are principally allotted to the development of the mining farms and their power plants to completely offer their energy consumption. Once energy independence has been achieved, the financial gain generated by the mining farms can cowl all maintenance prices and often generate extrafinancial gain.

Scavo Technologies
SCAVO Technologies has managed to determine numerous relationships with technology corporations, makers and extremely qualified specialists completely different|in several|in numerous} components of the planet at different stages of analysis and development (R & D). At SCAVO Technologies, the team firmly believes that investments in crypto property mining square measure the foremost profitable choice for longprofits which is why our proposal is to strengthen the link with investors through clear rules. SCAVO Technologies, besides of providing AN intelligent resolution to the matter of the generation and consumption of energy of the crypto mining farm, by reducing the value of energy to its most expression, we have a tendency to build participation within the business a lot of accessible and easier for anyone wordlwide, despite their information and wealth.

The founders, additionally because the totally different members of the team that build SCAVO Technologies up, have developed professionally within the telecommunications and ICT trade for quitefifteen years, additionally as happiness to totally different native, regional and international organizations and establishments.

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Token Sale
ICO Starts: Sunday, 15 July, 2018 – 00:00
ICO Ends: Wed, 31 October, 2018 – 00:00« Back Rewrite again Next »

Token DistributionSCAVO Tokens will be reserved as follows:

  • 8% : General Reserve Fund (contingency fund, legal advice, Research & Development).
  • 2% : Rewards and Incentives Programs .
  • 2% : For the Founder members and Team of SCAVO Technologies.
  • 88% : SCAVO Tokens issued will be available for purchase during pre-sale (Pre-ICO) and sale (ICO) using the Crowdsale mechanism, which will last up to 108 days or until the maximum limit is reached, either the two that happen first.

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