Greetings to you my expensive readers. i would like to introduce you to a awfully promising project. By taking part during this project you have got the chance to earn okay.The project has no analogues and can be in nice demand among investors. I place the project a solid five for the concept and investment potential.
Meet the primary blockchain to make a free African economy: AFROCHAIN quite four-hundredth of remittances ar for specific functions, like food, clothing, medicine, faculty fees or utility bills. The NEW afrochain token (AFR) can permit senders to buy digital vouchers (AfroGifts) that may be delivered to billions of recipients worldwide instantly via SMS or email. These vouchers are often spent directly on merchandise and services from the AFROCHAIN scheme of merchants, partners inside their community. The service can considerably scale back the price of transmission, whereas providing the recipient with the acceptable price in step with the prescription . Traders are going to be ready to settle for ETS supported crypto currencies and exchange them with ancient (Fiat) currencies. The AFROCHAIN token (AFR) answer can permit traders and customers to participate in international distributed mercantilism with common trust.


AFROCHAIN is that the 1st blockchain for continent. this is often the primary step towards a free economy for all, putting power within the hands of the folks of continent and also the African Diaspora. the complete scheme ought to be engineered on the blockchain AFROCHAIN. AFROCHAIN native coin known as Afrochain Token (AFR), Afrochain Token is appropriate to use the African market in step with its vision to supply access to monetary services for all. Users are going to be ready to produce their own project on mainet Afrochain. The AFROCHAIN scheme can permit users to possess access to education, payments, exchange, trade and investment, and more. regarding 250 million immigrants within the world send quite $ 600 billion once a year to support their friends and family, cash transfer is a very important supply of funding for several folks and families round the world. However, immigrants face 2 major challenges in concluding cross-border and native remittances.

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Consumer benefits:

● Decentralized:
The servers ar decentralized and distributed to completely different servers that ar connected to constant network.

● Anonymous:
With Afrochain (AFR), you want to not offer your personal info or mastercard info. This ensures your privacy rights against the legal whims of future administrations and makes fraud nearly not possible.

● Provided:

Afrochain (AFR) protected subsequent generation of cryptography — on the far side current military standards. This ensures that nobody, together with state entities, will unilaterally transfer their funds.

● clear
Everyone will see the dealing history on AFROCHAIN

AFR character
Max provide seventy five,000,000 AFRs
Total supply twenty six 250 000 AFR (Private Sale & Public ICO)
HARDCAP $ five 625 000
SOFCAP $ one 875 000
Exchange rate one AFR = $ zero.1 (private sale)
Target value December / 2018 $ ten / AFR
Project Protocol ERC20 Ethereum platform

AFROCHAIN distribution
Available for personal sale: seven five hundred 000 AFR
ICO trades: eighteen fifty 000 AFR
Unallocated for Team & Developer: eleven 250 000 AFR (Locked)
Reserved for future development: eighteen 750 000 AFR
Reserved for selling bounties: eighteen 750 000 AFR
Total Token Available: seventy five 000 000 AFR

⁃AfroSmart Land

For a lot of info you'll be able to acquire technical documentation of the project and raise your question on the most forum thread

Also at this stage, the bounty company is active, with a pool of one 000 000 tokens. The pool are going to be distributed as follows:

Telegram campaign twelve-tone system
Reddit campaign 100 percent
Twitter campaign twenty eighth
Instagram campaign 100 percent
Youtube campaign 100 percent
Blog/Media campaign 100 percent
Translation campaign five-hitter
Signature campaign V-day







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