ICOVO — The World’s First ICO Platform Implementing DAICO


Hello expensive friends , i would like to inform you a few terribly promising project referred to as ICOVO ,the project is warrant attention and it's terribly necessary for the planet of cryptocurrencies, thus scanrigorously and don't hesitate to raise queries ! All an agreeable scan my sensible readers !

Service summary and Organization
ICOVO is that the world’s initial and solely ICO platform which will actualize healthy ICOs. The core of its service is that the DAICOVO good contract, that relies on the thought of DAICO, that was advocated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in Gregorian calendar month 2018.
Each country’s government is advancing regulation so as to make a healthy atmosphere for ICOs, howeverthis is often troublesome to attain for borderless ICOs victimisation solely centralized regulation.
We will solve fraud and reduce in project motivation — the issues raised by ICOs — through the localizedapproach of DAICO.
With the mission of getting all ICOs use DAICO, we are going to develop and open supply DAICOVO, that is aligned with the thinking behind DAICO.
In addition, we are going to issue OVO tokens, which can be specialised as a currency for procuring ICO investments.
Ethereum, that includes a high distribution quantity and is universal, is presently used because the main currency for procural, however we are going to offer advantages for ICO investors for victimisation OVO for taking part in comes on the ICOVO platform.
OVO is that the world’s solely token specialised for ICO fund procural. Its worth will increase the additionalsound ICOs area unit undertaken on the ICOVO platform, thus OVO can function a logo and index of the health of the ICO atmosphere.


In addition to making a healthy ICO atmosphere with DAICOVO and OVO as its core, ICOVO has as its mission to expand the vary of ICO investors and also the ICO market itself. ICOVO can solve issues by eliminating barriers to the method of taking part in ICOs so anyone will simply participate. they'll be resolved through providing ICOVO App (iOS/Android), that integrates the world’s solely notecase optimized for ICOs, and ICOVO net, which can increase usability once taking part in ICOs through personal computers.
Through the supply of its four services — DAICOVO, OVO, ICOVO App, associate degreed ICOVO Web — ICOVO can build an scheme for reliable blockchain-related startups.

DAICOVO: good contracts
implementing the DAICO model
In addition to the functions needed by ICO project founders like issue, selling, and managing distinctivetokens, DAICOVO offers good contracts optimized for ICOs adopting the DAICO model. For ICO project founders United Nations agency use DAICOVO to try and do their ICO on ICOVO net, all of the specifiedwork, as well as token style, DAICOVO parameter setting, compilation, and preparation, is free. we tend todecide to unleash DAICOVO as open supply.
Proposed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on January 6, 2018, a DAICO may be a model that uses localized ways to stop planners from deceitfully victimisation funds raised through associate degree ICO. In ICOs victimisation tokens that adjust to the ERC20 commonplace, good contracts area unit wont to limit the number of funds raised that project founders will withdraw per unit of your time, and if the project is canceled for no matter reason, the remaining funds is came to the ICO investors if a agreement is reached .

ICOVO App: A smartphone app that includes a notecase optimized for ICOs
ICOVO’s iOS/Android options a multi-token multi-account notecase compatible with ETH and ERC20 tokens supported the safe personal notecase, notecase format with the aim of enhancing security by storing the personal key solely within the mobile device not on-line, that has been free and is already in use by several, Tachyon, developed from scratch by our CTO Nishimura.
ICOVO App have the one stop answer for investors and project founders. Project founder don’t got todevelop it any longer.ICOVO App even have dashboard options,KYC/AML,Whitelist registration, Whitepaper viewer,ICO project list integrates with ICOVO net and photograph ID uploader.
Furthermore it embody DAICOVO programme and has the interface for localized Exchange(DEX) whereverusers will trade their tokens.

ICOVO Web: associate degree ICO listing web site with thorough ICO capitalist protections
1 ICOVO net may be a web site for ICO project founders to list their ICOs for investors. It completely protects ICO investors and lists solely ICO comes that fits ICOVO necessities. the standards for listing on ICOVO area unit the use of DAICOVO, planner KYC/AML PRN by ICOVO, and speech act of the progress of the project.

2 the most important feature is whitepaper versioning victimisation IPFS. All the whitepapers of ICO comeslisted on ICOVO net area unit managed by IPFS and Block chain. Whitepaper versioning through IPFS storage and block chain makes it not possible to tamper with whitepapers shortly. this implies that though investors fail to transfer the whitepaper before the ICO or do, they will perpetually verify whether or not the project is continuing in line with the initial whitepaper, and if it's not, they will draft and vote to possess their cashrefunded.

3 The KYC needed by ICOVO, which incorporates passport-based ID verification and AML, applies not solelyto the investors however conjointly to the ICO project founders. moreover, so as to extend the transparency of ICO project activity, ICOVO shares the state of progress on the project by quantifying and displaying the project’s use of GitHub, social media, and alternative major tools.

4 ICOVO conjointly needs the same format certainly essential whitepaper things so every ICO project planner’s whitepaper is scan in an exceedingly unified format. The ICOVO App is synchronised with the ICO list data and bookmarker perform so ICO investors can do participation beat one place.

5 we tend to conjointly offer ICO project founders with a white-label dashboard for investors as well as a referral program, bringing program, KYC/AML and additional.

ICOs area unit at the crux of the scheme necessary for hatching innovative
blockchain-related startups.
ICOVO can support a healthy ICO which can create a future by providing ICOVO Web、ICOVO App and DAICOVO. Details area unit delineated below in 3 points.

Increase ICO Transparency and defend Investors
Reduce Barriers for ICO Participation
Increase Project sturdiness
1 Increase ICO Transparency and defend Investors
We aim to safeguard ICO investors by introducing a fundraising management system and increasing the transparency of ICO project founders likewise because the comes themselves.

Token Management
1 we are going to produce DAICOVO, an explicit good contract incorporating DAICO’s basic plan of localizedtoken management.

2 we are going to introduce a system that solely permits withdrawals in line with the capital demand of a project’s pre-loaded schedule through a faucet system (setting associate degree quantity which will be withdrawn per unit of time). this can forestall developers from running off with raised funds.

3 within the event that associate degree capitalist notices a drag with the project, they're ready to retract their investment that was raised underneath agreement as a refund.

Decentralized white book Versioning — Versioning for white book to not be tamperd is managed by heavenly body filing system (IPFS).

Team Member KYC/AML — We can increase ICO project team member’s transparency by providing ICO project team member’s KYC/AML on ICOVO web site in an exceedingly centralized methodology.

Visualize Activity Situation — We can increase project transparency by quantifying social media activity and GitHub updates on ICOVO’s web site.

2 cut back Barriers for ICO Participation
Create a far better investment atmosphere and cut back barriers
to ICO participation by unifying the investment method and also the format for data speech act.

Implementing native Wallet — Implementing a secure native notecase in ICOVO’s original ICO-specialized smartphone app, the ICOVO App, helps with understanding the participation method for classy token sales and managing tokens.
Unifying Formats — ICO project pages and summaries of whitepapers on ICOVO’s web site presents dataconsicely, creating it easier to know for investors. Accessibility is increased by providing a outline of all the comes victimisation an equivalent format.
Reducing labor for KYC — Eliminate the necessity for ICO investors to try and do KYC when they invest. once they participate in ICO project token sales on the ICOVO App, they perform KYC just one occasion as ICOVO can share the data with the ICO project founders.

3 Increase Project sturdiness
Sustain project founders’ motivation for product unleash and increase project sturdiness by introducing a system during which project founders will solely withdraw tokens in line with their investment demand milestone.

Fund acquisition≠Goal — By introducing a system of original good contracts implementing DAICOVO during which funds will solely be withdrawn in line with a project’s pre-loaded schedule by faucet (set associate degree quantity which will be withdrawn per unit of time), motivation to end the project founders.

Already with in depth expertise building innovative comes within the net infrastructure business, feedingbusiness, music business, IoT and AI-related enterprises underneath his belt, Akihiro Yamase then delved into the blockchain parcel of land for succeeding a pair of years, so giving birth the muse for ICOVO’s vision in 2018.

Service style, UI/UX style, and inventive skilled Iwao Sasaki with expertise at each the native and international level, took on Akihiro’s vision and designed the ICOVO project, endeavor each the artistic and management aspects as CDO (Chief style Officer).

Soon after, Masahiko Kumada, a Singapore-based money skilled presently running many innovative international startups, joined the team as {cfo|chief money officer|CFO|corporate executive|business executive} (Chief money Officer) so as to drive the financial and international development of Akihiro’s vision.

Following Masahiko, one in every of the highest engineers driving the blockchain business, and United Nations agency won the most effective Innovation Award at the world Blockchain Summit 2016, Yoshikazu Nishimura, became associate degree advocate of Akihiro’s vision. Through collaboration with G.U. Lab, of that Yoshikazu is that the chief executive officer, he came on board as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to supply technical support for the ICOVO project in its entireness.

Finally, jazzman Gomm United Nations agency has expertise operational multiple enterprises in European nation joined the team, fixing ICOVO’s base in European nation, handling legal affairs and General management to completely support the rear workplace operations as CAO (Chief body Officer).

The ICOVO team consisting of the 5 members Akihiro, Iwao, Yoshikazu, Masahiko, and jazzman is structured to deliver fantastic service at a better dimension, through a fusion of their dynamic and exceptional experience.

Token OVO
Price 1 OVO = 0.30 USD
Bonus Available
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 100 USD
Soft cap 5,868 ETH
Hard cap 60,360 ETH
Country Switzerland

For more information about the investment projects please visit:

Website : https://icovo.co/

White paper : https://icovo.co/whitepaper/20180831_wp_service_en.pdf

Announcement : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4468796.0



linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/icovo/


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