The blockchain technology has been a revolution for quite variety of years currently, right from the creation of the primary cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" in 2009. once Bitcoin was created, many different cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) were created forming the summary of what's known as the "crypto market".
Since the origin of cryptocurrency, there has been a large barrier towards the worldwide adoption of blockchain technology that is majorly chargeable for the disconnection between the crypto market and also the current ancient monetary market. This disconnection between the crypto market and ancient monetary market poses vast inconveniences to investors of the crypto market.

Before investments will be created within the ancient monetary market, investors have to be compelled to undergo intermediaries or third parties to assist facilitate the investment process; the presence of those third parties impede dealings completion time and cause multiplied dealings prices and costs thereby preventing investors from investment and fascinating all told on the market investment worthy markets. a number of the challenges related to this ancient monetary market is that the inefficiencies and lack of transparency once it involves the mercantilism of currencies and assets and funding.

The desired answer to those issues and loads additional associated issues is that the "Ingot Coin Ecosystem" that similar to the Ethereum blockchain would create use of sensible contracts. These sensible contracts would inherently facilitate quicker transactions and well cut back associated prices.
Ingot Coin would produce a link between the crypto market and also the ancient monetary market by incorporating its core parts that are:
-the IC notecase: participants of the IC system would be ready to use the IC wallet to store, receive and send numerous cryptocurrencies to and from exchanges and different wallets.

-the IC exchange: the IC exchange is wherever crypto mercantilism activities would be allotted.

-the IC brokerage: the IC brokerage would effectively facilitate liquidity in monetary mercantilism and investment.

-the IC digital bank: the IC bank monitors the IC brokerage and also the IC exchange furthermore because the funds and mercantilism activities of users.

-the IC certifier: the IC certifier is chargeable for the cryptocurrency mercantilism trainings for users.

-the IC ICO accelerator: the IC ICO accelerator helps within the raising of funds through selling and different means that.

The block of metal Coin system would basically create it doable for everybody to trade despite the amount of cryprotrading expertise and understanding and would guarantee absolute secure mercantilism and transactions by the implementation of the KYC (know your customer) feature.

The IC token.
The provide of IC token is low to facilitate supply and demand; because the demand of the token will increase, the worth will increase furthermore.
The total provide of IC token is a hundred and twenty,000,000 IC which might function each utility and security token with a softcap set at $37,000,000 and a hardcap at $90,000,000.
The token allocation is as follows:
75% of total provide is allotted to the general public sale with seven-membered of total provide about to early backers.
5% is allotted to the bounty campaign, five-hitter to the team, four-dimensional to the advisors and four-dimensional to the founders.

The funds generated throughout the token sale would be allotted as follows:
23% to the digital bank, twenty second for liquidity fund, eighteen for brokerage with St Martin's Day about to reserve.
10% would be used for the exchange notecase, V-E Day for legal problems, PR and consultation. five-hitter to the crypto certifier and three to the accelerator.

Token name — Ingot coin

Symbol — IC

Total supply —120,000,000

Softcap — $37,000,000

Hard cap — $90,000,000

Price — 1IC/$

Accepted currencies — etherum, bitcoin , us dollar

Presale already sold out

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