Blackbox OS (BBOS)

The Blackbox Foundation is a community of 60+ PHDs, technologists, and professionals joining hands to build a decentralized future of work. Developed on decentralized blockchain platform, it targets on building an empire of the next-generation workforce based on merit, talent, and efficiency.

Business Operating System

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a issue in make laugh framework for overseeing appropriated organizations, groups, and ventures in blockchain. Based in description to the subject of Ethereum, BBOS is a DApp that serves interior supporters, part relationships, and token holders who are additionally referred to all in all as the Blackbox Network. We are at the cusp of a militant fiddle back in how matter is find the money for advice, how flatter is picked taking place, and how people make and do used to.  


Interoperability along surrounded by ecosystem members who performance not part the same mold or governmental structure. 


Blackbox OS is an animated system that consists of modules that can be configured to solve widespread inefficiencies. 


Fair recompense results in substitute involvement and improved atmosphere of do something. 

Features of Blackbox

• Getting a unique identity based on your reputation and expertise once you are listed in the Blackbox community.This helps to get further recommendations and compensation.

• Improve in decision making and management based on the feedback mechanism.
• Blockchain based smart contracts will ensure more security and transparency.
• Low transaction cost resulting in higher rewards and compensations.
• Ensure the security in the system by eliminating false identities through Artificial Intelligence.
• An open ownership ecosystem based upon the support and contribution.
• Improves collaboration between organizational teams.
• Bridges the gap between organizations and improves interoperability between organizations.
• Eliminates repetitive workflows. 

ICO Details

• Presale Sale 50% Bonus NOW Until July 25th, 2018
• Token: BBOS
• Token Type: ERC: 20
• Token Price: 1 BBOS = $0.16
• Accepted: ETH, BTC
• Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
• Full Pre-Sale Hard Cap: $10,000,000
• Sold on Pre-Sale: 25% Discount 58,333,333
• Sold on Pre-Sale: 50% Discount 37,500,000
• Timing 25% Bonus starts 25th July, 2018 – 3rd August, 2018 or until the max cap is reached.
• Token Purpose the BLACKBOX OS token gives access to the BLACKBOX OS Network and serves as an interior mechanism to facilitate a work/capital marketplace while providing governance.





Is this organization a decent speculation for you? On the off chance that you put stock in the intensity of man-made brainpower, yes. The Blackbox designers are sure that they will have the capacity to make some progress in this section. 

AI will probably build much later on, and additionally the cost of this organization and its token. Blackbox can be a decent long haul venture for you, on the grounds that the likelihood of this organization will offer a decent quantifiable profit, yet later on. On the off chance that you have enough persistence, it is pleasant to put resources into this organization.

Here are the surveys I present to all of you in discovering data and knowing the Blackbox venture at present being controlled by their group, if there is any absence of clarifying this article, don't stress, I have set up a connection for you to get precise data. . data and obviously you will have the capacity to talk straightforwardly with their author or group, at the connection. 

Project information

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My Bitcointalk link -;u=1803026

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