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State pension funds are subject to inflation, savings can be lost or stolen by fraudsters. Any banking structure operates according to the requirements of local legislation, can go bankrupt or suffer from a crisis. What will happen to pensions in 20-30 years, where is it safe to hide the accumulations "for old age"?

The creators of the Akropolis project integrates the capabilities of blockchains and standard pension funds. The application is built on flexible smart contracts, investment decisions are made by accredited investors. 

What is the Akropolis?

ICO Akropolis offers its benefits framework as an other option to all current on the planet. The Akropolis venture makes decentralized annuities for the piece, worked by individuals and for individuals, making a more secure money related future for humankind. It will comprise of various classifications of clients, contingent upon their capacity in the stage.

Singular clients, annuity reserves, benefits support administrators, resource designers and tokens will be a piece of the stage. They will meet up to concoct different items that will help build up the Pension Fund framework. They will likewise be clients of these new items, alongside what Akropolis offers. 


The World Economic Forum trusts that right now around 48% of the occupants of the Earth of seniority don’t get a benefits! It is important that benefits investment funds are developing each year, and if in 2015 the aggregate sum of world reserve funds was 70 trillion dollars, at that point by 2050 it is estimated to achieve 400 trillion dollars. 

Exacerbating the issue and making the annuity finances insufficiently compelling are very intricate remuneration structures that don’t have a target level of straightforwardness.

The makers of the task trust that reasonable administration, the incorporation of key members, the formation of an abnormal state of work of the assets will be conceivable using blockchain innovations and the utilization of savvy contract frameworks. 

Views of the World Economic Forum on current pension system:

According to a survey of the World Economic Forum 48% of the retired old people don’t receive their pensions. The report further estimates that the retirement saving gap will grow $370 trillion by 2050 from $70 trillion in 2015. These facts are alarming and calls for the need of a transparent system which ensures that 100% retired people receive their pensions automatically. The platform promises the same to them. 

Stakeholders of the platform

  • Individual Users: 

As the name suggests, individual user is a non-institutional single entity who will be using this platform for pension savings.

  • Pension Funds: 

These are institutional entities which represent more than one users. Pension funds have their own separate identity on the platform and will benefit from the transparent pension system.

  • Funds Managers: 

These are also institutional entities with more extended domain on the platform. FMs can buy assets and make other transactions on behalf of their users and Pension funds. There is a strict vetting process they have to undergo to gain access to the platform.

  • Asset Tokensizers: 

Every blockchain application creates its tokens to fund the platform and give an investing option to the users. The assets procured on the platform are tokenized to help the decentralized structure work efficiently.

  • Developers: 

Developers are the technical people who contribute to the development of the platform.


Some prominent features of the platform:

  1. This ecosystem is of rewarding nature which benefits all the participants in a unique manner. Lets list them down for more clarity:
  2. The pension records are secure and immutable with record management.
  3. A decentralized pension system which is a single source, so pensioners don’t have to rely on anything outside this program.
  4. Users can monetize their data for profits and other benefits
  5. This program eliminates the chances of fund seizures to ensure smooth delivery of pension funds.
  6. The platform has a mechanism for accountability to separate bad actors.
  7. Tamper proof data storage
  8. Joining the platform is simple, only based on single event.


Provision of a pension record that is secure, immutable and transparent with ease of auditing and real-time feedback.

Secure peer to peer lending by leveraging the use of smart contracts.

Monetization of data by users

A portable, decentralized and single source of pension truth.

The same protocol for fee and performance reporting.

A transparent governance protocol and outcomes.

Presence of a ranking mechanism and incentivized accountability for pension funds to differentiate between good or bad actors.

A new source of capital pool such as cryptocurrencies.

A modern product and services that meets users’ needs for real-time data and feedback.

Tamper-proof data storage for transparency.

Singular onboarding event.

Easy verification of document and authentication of counterparties.



SThe total token supply is 900 million, and a token goes for $0.069. The hardcap is 25 million USD with a supply of 360 million tokens for sale. Token will be distributed to investors, teams, advisors, marketing team, and bounties. 

Two main tokens (Akropolis internal token and Akropolis external token) will be used on the platform. The external token is a fixed supply token whose price will be determined by market forces, while the external token is an arbitrary one. They are simply denoted as AIT and AKT respectively


Token type: ERC20

ICO Token Price: 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD

Total Token Supply: 900,000,000

Hard Cap: $25,000,000

Maximum token amount for sale: 360,000,000

Maximum Token Amount for Sale (%): 40%

Token Price (USD/ETH rate locked 48 hours before the TGE): $0.069.




Akropolis project is the result of joint work of developers, programmers, members of state regulating organizations.

What good is Akropolis for an investor? 

International target audience, competent legal design, elaborated MVP and abundance of technical information in Whitepaper. 

What are the chances of Akropolis to succeed? 

Pension reforms and economic crises worry the population of the whole world, therefore the platform will solve international problems with the liquidity of savings. 

More information

Site: https://akropolis.io/
White payper :

My profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1803026 

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