Overview ViValid (ICO)

The process of checking the ratings and compare the price of blockchain service providers before purchasing any service is very important. The users are advised to first try and understand the market before placing any orders. Why should you get a product that costs high yet there is another product at a lower price that functions as the expensive one or even sometimes performs better than it? For instance, if you are a complete stranger in the website business and products, you need to, therefore, log in to an online users review site to get knowledge and understand the advantages, disadvantages or even any problems that would be encountered by using vivalid web websites. 

ViValid is a service that will work on the basis of the use of blocking technology to give one users the opportunity to receive an answer to the question "How much does it cost?", And other users from among experts in different spheres - to earn on the evaluation of subjects in which they understand.  

The participants

As you could already understand, looking at the definition of ViValid, the service will be able to use two categories of users. The first are those who need an appraisal of some property, the real value of which they can not even guess at. This participant can become absolutely everyone.

The second participants are those property appraisers. In order to become one, it is not necessary to be a certified appraiser by profession. It can be an expert from any area in which he understands so well to be able to really evaluate objects.

That is, if the user is a coin collector, collecting rare and expensive coins, he can become an excellent appraiser for the value of coins within the framework of the ViValid application. If a person understands the history or is an archaeologist, he can make an assessment of various artifacts, books, items that can have a certain historical and monetary value.

The most interesting is that although ViValid application and the process of evaluating things for experts will be a kind of hobby, but they will be able to receive from this a certain additional income. Users who need property valuation will need to use VIV tokens to pay for the work of appraisers, so the latter will be able to receive a salary for their activity.  

The principle of operation of ViValid

The system is community-driven and therefore devoid of potential hidden motives. You need to take a picture of your valuables and send them to ViValid for a preliminary assessment and verification of their potential value.

You will receive competent and objective opinions from several experts and collectors for a small part of the normal cost of such services.Appraisers will be randomly but carefully selected from ViValid community members to provide you with a truly independent evaluation of your collectibles. In addition," Proof of verification Protocol " ensures that the evaluation you receive is reliable. 

About token

As soon as you register, you are provided with a crypto wallet that stores ViV tokens. Your tokens will allow you to maintain the price of the service at a constant and unchanging level despite the variability of token pricing. We do not require that you have any prior knowledge of how the market of cryptocurrencies works. 

ViValid is an integrated micro-exchange that automatically removes all the inconveniences of dealing with crypto. If you want to have an object evaluated, simply — use either PayPal or your credit card, and we’ll do the rest. You no longer have to search through guides, look for Internet auctions, or visit experts. ViValid is a completely transparent service with traceable contracts that can be reviewed at any time.

The project has a lot of positive evaluations from the tops and generators of the ICO.

Details of ICO

Start pre-sale on May 14 and will last until January 11, 2018
In the pre-sales phase, BONUS will operate at 40%
The token name is ViV
Token price - 1 ETH = 1800 ViV
Token type - ERC-20
Soft overlay - 20,000,000 ViV
Hard Cap - 140,000,000 ViV

Why is this project worth supporting:

  • The ViValid team, absolutely all of its employees work for the good of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not disappear from view. At the moment when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
  • All prototypes developed by the ViValid developer team are open source, you can now read and test this system.
  • ViValid is involved in various crypto-block forums and contains serious contracts.

Team ViValid 

For more information about ViValid visit the link below:

Website: https://vivalid.io/
ANN Thread:

My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1803026  

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