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At present, many processes are connected through the Internet in one system, which solves certain problems. In many systems, there are structural networks that are responsible for communication, security, process control, ventilation system and many others. Accordingly, the development of the Internet and technology allows it to penetrate all spheres and branches of life. The application of these technologies provides great opportunities in processing speed and information gathering, analytics and much more.


The Internet is used not only in serious projects, but also in everyday life brings a very big practical benefit. All the equipment that you have at home, can be under your control from anywhere in the world. Recently, with the development of the Internet, there is also the theft of personal data. And there is the question of how you can earn on any information that is not used and not transmitted, while taking up space on your media. The solution to this problem was taken up by the Databroker project with a very practical and interesting idea.

The DataBroker DAO project is a completely decentralized platform, using IoT Sensor sensors, which connects the owners of sensors and buyers directly, through the use of different providers. The introduction of blockchain technology opens many opportunities. Proprietors of sensors can receive a good profit from the received information from their devices with further sale. But the main goal of the project is to introduce it for wide use in various industries and spheres of our life.

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The DataBroker team provided a beta version of Maccount, in which you can see how easy it will be to simply trade your data with DataBroker DAO. The DTX token is the main means of payment for the project, thanks to which all transactions will be made. The essence of the project is that the received data based on IoT sensors are processed and used for further sale by your consent. Data can play an important role in collecting information for companies that may be interested in your information.

The potential of using data from sensors can be useful in all spheres and sectors, in agriculture, construction, industry and scientific work. The project assumes a very important role in participating in these processes. DataBroker DAO will reduce the price of information, which will attract potential buyers, and the technology of blockchain will provide a complete guarantee of the safety and confidentiality of data of all participants.

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What are the advantages of the project:

  1. Being the owner of information to sell and make a profit. The owner of such devices, which I use at home, I can place and sell the data received from them to manufacturers to optimize them.
  2. Network operators, being a project partner, will receive a percentage of sales and a large customer base.
  3. Producers of sensors will be able to use and implement their sensors in large volumes.
  4. Users of the platform receive full guarantee and confidentiality of their data.
  5. No intermediary schemes. That leads to a big profit.


Without a doubt, the project will be widely distributed among the population. Even unnecessary information, which occupies a valuable part of the memory of your carrier, will bring you DTX tokens. And the direct application of IoT sensors can serve in the development of an industry, by selling information and data.



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