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Today we are all watching how people are getting more and more interested in the cryptocurrency market. We see that lately the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and unstable, this is a very good opportunity to trade in the market. A lot of projects are already working in this segment, but still there is a need to develop and offer a solution to speed up and facilitate the process of investing and withdrawing funds. The FinanceX project sees its vision for solving this problem.


Project FinanceX is a decentralized system with the introduction of blockchain technology. The FinanceX exchange platform will enable its customers to use local currency from different countries for trading. This will speed up the trading process, as users do not have to make an exchange for BTC or ETH, but trade directly. This feature makes it possible to trade from anywhere in the world, without any obstacles. The FinanceX project creates all conditions for a safe and transparent exchange and trade.

At the moment there are several large companies that offer their services in this area, thereby monopolizing the market. The goal of the FinanceX project is to introduce their ideas and solutions that can compete with such large companies. The FinanceX platform is a completely secure platform with a simple interface that provides minimal commission fees. Trading on the project can be done through the use of local currency, it will facilitate the process of trading and exchange for the project clients.


Customers and users of the project will have many options for payment. They will be able to use transfers, VISA or MasterCard, as well as some electronic wallets. This process will be much easier than before. The goal of the project is to introduce innovations with blockchain technology using various financial assets. Project developers are planning to further develop, use the latest updates and make additional features to improve the platform.

The FinanceX project wants to create a concept that will create mutually beneficial relationships between traders and users in order to maintain a stable transaction and cooperation. To overcome the problems most often faced by investors, FinanceX offers intelligent solutions and solutions that ensure productivity and easy access to your account at the same time.


What does the FinanceX project offer to its customers?

  1. The ability to quickly and easily withdraw cash.
  2. Relatively reduced trade costs, which will be 0.3%, which is several times less than that of competitors.
  3. Processing the request and execution of transactions will be 3 minutes per wallet and less than 1 hour to the bank.
  4. With such powerful functionality, the project offers a simple and clear interface where you can trade anyone, regardless of professional skills.
  5. The project will maintain high liquidity with a stable trading volume, offering attractive offers during the investment process of the trader.
  6. Transparency of all processes and a high level of security and privacy of personal data.
  7. Own currency.

The main payment tool of the platform is the FNX token, thanks to which all operations within the project will be carried out. At this point in time, the project is conducting an ICO, where you can purchase an FNX token at a price of 0.047 USD. Own currency can be stored on the Myetherwallet wallet.

With the current situation in the cryptocurrency market, the project looks very decent. I think that project developers are implementing an interesting idea that can simplify many processes and speed them up. In my opinion, the project will compete with existing companies, since at the moment there are not so many really effective ones, so I wish the team success in implementing their plans.



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