Securix - confidential investment in mining

Several years ago, mining was one of the main ways of obtaining a cryptocurrency. The main, of course, was Bitcoin-Mining, which was mined even at home and brought good profits. Currently, this type of earnings has become inefficient, all related to the cost of equipment and energy consumption.


Competition in this area increasingly complicates the production schedule and all leads to the fact that bitcoin and the profit associated with it, is currently in the hands of several major players in this field. In this situation there are companies that conduct frankly fraudulent activities with hidden costs, while reducing the return on investment. The solution of this problem is the Securix project.

The main goal of the project is to extract bitcoin by applying ASIC-miners. A distinctive feature of the project will be the fact that investors of the Securix project will receive a share of the gross product, rather than income from net profit. The project offers its clients to receive passive income every month, despite the fact that the situation on the cryptocurrency market.


The company and the development team are based in the Netherlands, where mining operations are based. This country was chosen for the location of the stations, based on several criteria - this is the strategic location, security and scalability of the company. The main means of payment for the project is the SRXIO token, which gives full access to the Mining Securix service. As long as the user is the holder of the token, the smart contract will translate the earned part every month from the production to the purse.

The project offers its clients and users a pair of investment strategies that will be carried out to increase the price of the SRXIO token. On this process, developers will allocate 10% of gross income each month. This type of strategy, which will be used by developers, is that the token will be redeemed from the market and their disposal in order to buy new ones in the future, which will give impetus to the improvement and expansion of the project's potential.

The project has its own application, which can be downloaded by everyone - the SECURIX MEGA VAULT WALLET purse. The wallet is designed to safely store the SRXIO tokens. In the wallet you can see the balance of existing and accrued tokens, and thanks to additional options you will be able to find indications of the current capacity of the equipment, the number of tokens mined.

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In the future, the project plans to launch an internal exchange DCE Exchange, where customers can make various financial transactions such as buying, selling and exchanging a token for fiat money. The Securix project token has a real market value, as they are backed up by tangible and verifiable assets, which is rarely practiced in existing projects. Currently, the project conducts ICO where you can buy a token at a price of $ 1, total issued 55 000 000 tokens SRXIO.

What does the Securix project offer us:

  1. Own currency in the form of a SRXIO token.
  2. Own application - purse SECURIX MEGA VAULT WALLET.
  3. Transparent cooperation, simple interface.
  4. Earnings are based on income from the share of gross product.
  5. Increased security and guarantee of safety of the cryptocurrency.
  6. Security and confidentiality of personal data.
  7. Having a referral link that gives a reward of 3% of all your investments.


In my opinion, the project has a very big future. The project offers a very clever idea, if the team succeeds in implementing all that is indicated in the white paper, the project will bring investors a very good profit. This development of events can attract a large number of investors, which will give impetus to increase the value of the token. The main advantage of the project can certainly be considered that the SRXIO project token has a real market value, as they are backed by tangible assets.



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