What is TokenGo? Features of the program

Yesterday we lived in a world in which intermediaries are ruled by banks, insurers, registrars, auditors. And ordinary people, to make an operation with the transfer of money, the purchase of shares or the preparation of documents had a lot of time to expect, and even bear the costs of paying commissions of different intermediaries.

But today, with the advent of blocking technology, the situation began to change radically. Now everything happens between users directly, without a central governing body. The most striking example of how the blockade helps people, there is the functioning of crypto-currency payments, transfers are carried out quickly and very cheaply, and sometimes without any commissions at all.

The crypto-currency market is where the technology of blocking was first used, but this is far from the limit. After all, this technology can be used in many areas of our life, which will bring great benefits to society.

And thanks to TOKENGO, it is possible to introduce a blocking technology into the business, which will reduce the threshold of entry to the market by the entire participant, and foster competition, which in turn will give users a wide variety of profitable, convenient products and services. Now we will get full transparency of financial transactions and will be completely protected from scammers.

✅Black-platform TOKENGO gives users such features:

creation of an ICO project;
reliable voting;
launching your own crypto currency;
-monetary operations;
auto-tracking and saving tokens;
notary certification;
digital identification.
✅In turn, the TOKENGO ecosystem will consist of:

own development of a network block, allowing through the API to access various devices, or an application. This allows you to maximize the technology;
a convenient personal cabinet where you can see all the information on various services and your activity on the platform;
electronic voting system, which allows using encryption to maintain confidentiality and instantly display indicators;
Exchange crypto-currency, which will have an intuitive interface and technologies capable of supporting an unlimited number of crypto-currency pairs;
designer sites for conducting ICO, as well as Smart Contracts.
Tomorrow, technology will be in every sphere of human life, so now it is worth using a unique opportunity to be at the source and start making money on it. To do this, you can now invest in the ICO project: https://tokengoplatform.com/

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