A fair ninja is a market for spending your crypto currency

Fair Ninja is a project that presents to the world and communities an international multilingual site online for the purchase and sale of goods or services. The essence of the project is to create an alliance of all the diverse markets of our planet in one single global market, thereby facilitating the activities of digital commerce.

The project will be implemented with the help of the created platform Fair Ninja, where the most secure and confidential payment system will be used and practically all the most famous crypto-currencies, as well as its own crypto currency - YSH token.

Key features of the Fair Ninja project:

The speed is the fastest in the payment system.

Guarantee of meeting all the needs and desires of the seller / buyer, thanks to Smart Protocols.

Absolute confidentiality and a log with information about all the perfect actions on the platform. The ability for the user to decide for himself, leave information about himself and his action history on the platform open or closed.

The payment system is very mobile - it is possible to provide Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or your YSH token in the form of payment.

Creating tools to minimize fraud in digital commerce, and since all actions on the platform will take place on the platform created, the risk of being deceived almost disappears, as the platform respects all privacy and security rules and it's all transparent to users.

A very simple algorithm for carrying out all actions on the platform and in the payment system.

The platform runs smoothly and around the clock.

Presence of the referral program.

The platform is multilingual and is available worldwide, thanks to its built-in automated translation.

On the platform there is a bonus program for sellers / buyers.

The ability to evaluate and be evaluated, the rating of sellers / buyers.

The most pleasant and convenient, and most importantly easy to use interface platform.

Stable and round the clock technical support, feedback for all users of the platform.

The lowest transaction commission is 1.5%.

Since Fair Ninja will represent the interests of both sides of the market, I suggest that you learn more about the process of working on the platform, both for the seller and the buyer. But first I note that the site will have the function of the ability to automatically add / sell ads to sellers / customers in absolutely any part of the world through partner relationships. It's like we have in Russia Avito, Domofond and so on. Agree, the desired function.

Sellers from other sites will also have this opportunity to post their ads on Fair Ninja. This will be beneficial for partnerships through a profit distribution program, where the initial listing site receives 1.5% of the sale. Sellers publish products and services for sale directly to Fair Ninja, plus the site will apply the latest and best technologies to form lists of goods and services, the most popular and sought after, using a clever contract for automatic recognition in these lists. Very attractive, including artificial intelligence for automatic product recognition, as well as a lot of advanced functions. Thus, by providing a global international market, sellers will be able to deliver their products to a wider range of their target audiences.

Buyers, in this way, receive a very huge range of goods and services, and their availability for purchase absolutely anywhere in the world. Also thanks to the work of smart protocols. Buyers can watch these lists and contact technical support for solving all issues of interest to them.

ICO. Basic moments.
Token: YSH.

Tokens YSH is the official currency on the Fair Ninja platform, and payment with them has the smallest commission during the transaction. In comparison with BTC, LTC, ETH (3%), YSH is only 1.5%.

Type: ERC20;
Platform: Ethereum;

Number of released tokens: 500 000 000 YSH;

Maximum tax: 23,250,000 USD

Minimal fee: 5 000 000 USD

Pre-Sale token price $ 0.08; start 27.04.2018 the end date is not defined;

The basic sale price is $ 0.1; beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Tokens are distributed as follows:

50% sale;
20% reserve fund for future development;
15% team;
10% of partners;
3% advisers;
2% bonuses.
The funds after the main sale are distributed as follows:

67% marketing and PR;
15% of research and development;
10% salary and office expenses;
5% unforeseen expenses;
3% legal and financial expenses.
Road map.

Beginning of the Fair ninja INC;
Start the development of the platform;
Personalized partnership;
Exchange listings that represent the value of the product through intensive marketing;
Start a partnership with the Web store and partner relationships;

Release platform Fair Ninja and mobile application;
Geographical expansion of Fair Ninja.
All the important information can be found here:

Official website: https://www.fairninja.com/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3372626.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fairninja

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairninja

Telegram: https://t.me/fairninjaico

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=935110

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