Everyone hello friends, this article is the theme of Impressio project. The goal of the project is a blockhain-based, decentralized platform aimed at offering users the opportunity to make profit with the best possible opportunities by offering various investment plans to users who want to invest.

There are many active investors who invest in the crypto money market. These active investors are also adding new products every day and this sector is investing and continuing. But at the beginning of the important problems most investors who invest in the crypto money market are in serious profitable investors who can suffer serious financial losses. There is no problem for those who fold the money they have invested in, but serious psychological conditions can occur even for people who can not turn their investments. If this is the case, most people can lose what they have in their hands.

In addition to these problems, there are also cases where the market is rolling. In other words, the crypto money that we have invested in comes to the place while it is falling or rising over a wide period of time, and it can rise and fall as well as offer the opportunity to make profit or profit. But often when bad news spreads across the market it is inevitable that we face a rapid and sudden fall. If this is the case, when most investors take hot money from the sector, there is no volume in the market and the start of the rise is delayed. This is the project of the Impression Impression for solving the problems that I have considered. Let's begin with examining the ico process as soon as you start to examine the idea and logic of the project, slowly.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the Impressio project offers various investment plans and payment options to the users who want to invest. It is a UK-based blockhain-based centerless project that aims to achieve these investment and payment plans through crypto-money. Even if we take the path out of the problems I see above, it will be a kind help from investors who are just entering the market. If so, how will this happen? Since new investors who are new to the market do not have complete analysis and the industry is foreigners, they do not know exactly where to invest. The token or crypto money they will invest in randomly will cause serious damage. To solve this problem, the Impressio project is aimed at attracting new investments by offering various investment plans to new investors.

If you want to return the investment you have made on Impression, you can withdraw and receive payments on a monthly, weekly basis, daily or even hourly basis. Whenever you want to pay instantly instant, that is automatically your account lies. In addition to that, you are able to solve any problem you encounter on your platform or investments 24/7 and quickly. In short, if you need to summarize; the project aims to be a blockhain-based, decentralized platform that aims to offer new or old investors an investment on the platform, presenting investment plans that fit everyone's budget, instantaneously or at the right time. Let's start reviewing the ico process a little.

The token symbol of the project is designated IMPR. The total suply amount of the project, ie the total number of tokens, was determined as 100 million IMPR. 45 million of these total suply amounts will be offered in ico sales and the ico process is ongoing. As of the date I wrote this article, 85 days have elapsed for the ico process of the project to finish, and 22% token sales are currently on sale. This percentage is equivalent to 10,005,896 million IMPR tokens. According to the information given on the ico pages, IMPR tokens will be listed both on binance and on hitbtc after 1 week after the end of the ico sale. In Token sales, one IMPR token price is set at $ 1 in both special sales phase and ico process and offers various bonuses and special features to investors who will invest over $ 10 thousand and $ 50 thousand.

I would like to wish you a lot of luck in your investment and you will get maximum profit. I leave the website and social platform links at the end of the article so you can review the project. By the way, seeing the next article.

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