Simmitri is made for the energy economy of the future. It returns the "balance of power" and was born in an elite company known as Simmitri, while photovoltaic (simmitri.com) with a mission to continue building strong public relations as it moves into the 21st century. Simmitri can quickly track the connection and manipulate it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and provides self-sufficiency, and the distribution network and delivered over the Internet of Things (IoT) is a block of the technology chain.
Simmitry is a currency cryptographer created in "SimBox" that was created to balance consumers, researchers and users. Each device acts as a node on the network. We call it energy, but Simmitri offers a call that can complement your building based on improved performance. Energy savings in the construction of generators negative kilowatt hours ("?"). SimBox "Negawatts" will automatically convert the LICENSE LICENSE output tokens that can be used for financial gain are programmed to resemble manual controls, embedded artificial intelligence software that automatically manages the energy saving requirements that you concentrate to the less possible.
However, the SIM card will reduce the energy consumption of individual consumers, and prosumer distributors will be distributed to those who need it and provide an incentive that we can all tell traces that are by nature.

Founded in 1995 as a family company, Simmitri began by serving people with high quality roofing, construction and electrical services. As Master roofer Elite with GAF Materials Corporation, this is a natural advancement to the Sun. Photovoltaics Simmitri has evolved into energy efficiency services targeted at corporate customers. We installed and serviced thousands of electric power through a filling panel serving more than 4,000 customers in California, Central California.
Customer service and always logging company's trademarks and is part of the process of business growth. When we explore our customers, we will learn about the basic issues of daily energy efficiency. Gathering data from users is the most important for artificial intelligence as a new service from Simmitti. When analyzing user data behavior with different data points on predicting energy; Best practices demonstrated to save or generate energy through time, time, location, suppliers, and many other data. Providing a comprehensive energy analysis allows the buyer (participant) to receive the best rewards in a systematic way.

In March 2017, Simmitri recruited teams of blind blocs of experts to research and develop innovative strategies for integrating intelligent and smart contracts and integrating access to the energy management system. Our rich experience in the market of renewable energy sources is far above our competitive advantage in the world of new and exciting energy deliveries. Before integrating technology blocks, I think it would be better to lay the foundations for energy-based launchers rather than energy


Creating a platform that rewards participants to save and generate electricity. And give participants a chance
"You make money while you are sleeping



Q1 2018

Design, specifications for the technical and production line for Simibox
Primary and secondary rules for SIMI AI functions
Simmitri Token (SIM) used to indicate the exchange (s)

K2 2018

The client's wallet (control panel) is completed for earnings and transfers
Integration testing of blockchain and data collection in open API networks
Established maturity of the market for implementation and partners (analysis)

Q3 2018

Produced Simibox prototype v.01
Start a smart home cooking program
Beta testing of a group of respondents in the local market

Q4 2018

Integration of Simibox into the current list of clients and gas pipeline
Analysis of deep metrics from beta testers
Reported applications for state incentives for providers of renewable energy sources

More Info About Simmitri At :

Website : http://token.simmitri.com/
Whitepaper : token.simmitri.com/assets/pdf/SIM_White_Paper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/SimmitriToken
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3516185.0
Twitter : https://twitter.com/simmitrienergy
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/SimmitriSolar/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=935110

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