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It is no secret that in the modern world, large amounts of money are being transmitted online. One of the most profitable areas is advertising. Advertising is available everywhere, and if the site has many visits, advertisers want to place their ads on this site. Internet marketing is a modern trend, but most people are far from the basics of digital advertising. The desire to earn a passive income on the Internet is that most of them simply do not have the skills to do so. The Crest Token platform is the first decentralized server to implement artificial intelligence in Internet marketing and introduce cryptosystems. Crest Token budget is $ 300 billion. The goal of the project is to help create more advertising and marketing campaigns for users. The platform is equipped with modernized automated learning algorithms and runs through independent advertising servers, allowing virtually everyday gains on the platform.

Key Features of Crest Token
The main feature of the platform is a unique business model, completely independent of the crypto-market instability. The alpha version of the platform is already running and the platform runs in full mode immediately after graduation. The platform is updated every day due to good coordinated work of programmers, so it always meets the latest promotional requirements. The project started in October 2017 with launch of the alpha version. The Crest Token beta is scheduled to be launched immediately after the end of the crowd. The full version of the platform will be available in September of this year.

Advantages of working on Crest Token
The route program is one of the advantages of Crest Token. According to its scheme, the participant receives 10% of each new user's revenue. All marketing campaigns through Crest Token are part of the platform's business model, that is, some of the revenue comes from the creators of the project. Once a month, it is possible to receive dividends in the form of CSTT.

Independent experts predict the success of the project, which will provide cryptotec trade not only in domestic, but also in foreign currency.

From the investment point of view, this project can be acknowledged as useful as Crest Token works on a decentralized site and is a secure project. Many cryptoteke exchanges are easy to use and their crypto currency helps to increase the platform's popularity and increase popularity among users.

Crest Token
CSTT's own crypto currency is used to perform calculations on the platform, which allows you to purchase templates to develop your own marketing campaign. Tokers are based on the Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard and are compatible with many cryptosystems. Currently the platform works at ICO, which runs until June 18. During the pre-sales period, 1m. CSTT is sold for $ 1.85 per brand. This offer is useful for investors since the 18th of June and the basic calendar terms that last a month. You can buy CSTT using EST or BTC. You need to sell 1 500 CSTT to get the film. The investment attracted the technical development of the platform (15%), emergency situations (25%), promotion of project marketing (20%), team services (15%), etc.

Crest Token project is an innovative design of training for successful, useful, and compact advertising projects, thanks to users' implementation of online advertising and marketing algorithms. The Crest platform covers all the advantages of Internet marketing and artificial intelligence, and is designed to generate crypto-currency and generate revenue for the platform to generate revenue, promotion and marketing campaigns from the Crest Token project.




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