The IAT project. Instant Assets Tokens

Basic Information

IAT - Instant Asset Token, the instant asset token.
The project is related to real estate. IAT plans to play a leading role in all aspects of real estate, starting at the local level and going further in the world, starting with changes in the real estate market and rental housing construction.
The IA Token Concept aims to revolutionize the real estate industry through the use of blocking technology through the development of the IAT platform. The funds collected from the ICO will be used to support development. The project already has a management company. For renters and buyers, if they use this project token for trading within the platform, there will be a discount, for example, a reduction in rental fees, a commission deduction for asset management, and the like.


Although the real estate market can bring benefits, buyers may face many problems and restrictions. The IAT platform can help customers increase profits and solve the following problems.

Reduce transaction costs. For example, in the Philippines, buying and selling real estate may account for 24% of the total cost. The project plans to cut at least two costs.
Integrity and security. Decentralized blocking ensures that all data stored in the database cannot be changed or deleted. This eliminates the possibility of hacking into hackers.
Transparency of transfer. All the information stored in the block space is transparent, which means that anyone can see all the information stored here.
Save time and money. The process of buying and selling a home may take several months due to document confirmation. This blockade simplifies and speeds up the process because all the information about the parties is stored here.
Advantages of IA tokens

The IAT system encourages the use of an internal token called NIAT in the following fields:

Purchase assets.
Payment for asset management services.
Pay for furniture.
Payment advice and tax services.
Payment legal service
Commission fees for brokers and agency services.
List of assets sold or leased.
Get rental or sales income.
Income model

The assets owned by the leasing company. The proceeds will be received immediately from the rental activity after the acquisition. Realty Beacon Philippines Inc. is our current real estate management company. Allows you to perform rental operations immediately after collection.
Sell ​​assets owned by the company. Companies can sell a small portion of their assets to earn high profits.
Property management services. The company will promote our real estate management services on the platform.
Individual owner. The company will charge a 5% successful lease transaction for profit and will enable the owner to benefit from the platform. For example, Airbnb charges about 15-20%.
IAT token

The maximum number of tokens issued on the market is 45 billion IA. The price of a token is 1 cent. We accept payments in Ethereum and Bitcoin. The sale will provide $20 million in tokens (for initial investors, pre-sales and sales). Unsold tokens (40 million IA) will be provided to charitable organizations and the rest will be burned.

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Information about the token

Type - ERC-20
The price per IAT mark is ICO = 0.01 $
The number of tokens sold - 2 billion
Minimum investment - 0.1 ETH
Thank you - BTC, ETH, Fiat
Soft Hat - $1,000,000
Hard salary cap - $ 20,000,000



To learn more about the IAT project, please click on the following link:

White paper:

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