The Cryptography a Post-Quantum World For The Security Ecosystem Crypto Challenges


The RSA cryptography platform is now 40 years old. While it has served well in securing the Internet and digital communications, its days are numbered due to the unyielding advance of Moore’s law and the emergence of quantum computing. Significant effort and resources are being employed by hackers to crack RSA and other forms of encryption. The rise of quantum computing makes cracking RSA and various other forms of encryption feasible in the near future. Classical computers use binary bits, which have a value of either zero or one. Strings of these zeroes and ones translate into data, but the nature of the bit means only one calculation can be done at a time. e quantum computing technologies on the cusp of a breakthrough making the technology ready to crack existing methods of encryption, the time to act is now. Once RSA is cracked, mission critical applications like HTTPS, credit and debit card processing, and government systems face the immediate risk of compromise 


Our Mission

Innovation is what drives the Quantum1Net team, we are determined to create incredibly powerful technology, make it accessible, relevant, and ultimately personal. Quantum1Net’s mission is to create technology that enables and empowers. We have designed a product so secure that you don’t need to worry now or in the future about the security of your data. We are introducing an unparalleled level of technical innovation, combined with a system design that connects with the user to provide critical security, ease of use, and peace of mind. 


Mecanism Of Quantum

Pseudo-random number generators only give the appearance of true randomness. In reality, they will always present correlation: there will be a pattern in the numbers it generates. By sampling sufficient of these random numbers, the pattern can be found and eventually the output of the generator predicted. 

Many aspects of the quantum world are fundamentally probabilistic: knowledge where electrons are around an atom or the polarization of a photon (light) is randomly selected from the possible outcomes upon measurement. By exploiting this, we can generate truly random sequences of numbers, with no underlying pattern, to create safe encryption keys. No matter how many samples are taken from the quantum number generator, it will be impossible to predict the next outcome.  


ICO Quantum Token  Relese

1st token sale: Silver token

  • February 2018
  • Ethereum-based
  • Convertible to Gold Token at 20% discount
  • Sale capped at 15 million


  • Supports move to new office to centralize development
  • Hiring new developers to meet July 2018 limited Quantum1Net release


2nd token sale: Gold token

  • July 2018
  • Bitcoin-based, include QEK
  • Silver Token investors get priority
  • Sale capped at 18 million


  • Offer proof-of-concept of our QEK, this token will include quantum encryption
  • Supports development of hardware and file transmission platform


3rd token sale: Gold Token

  • January 2019
  • Bitcoin-based, QE enabled
  • Silver Token investors that converted in July 2018 sale can participate at 5% discount
  • Sale capped at 200 million


  • Supports Quantium1Net long term
  • Supports development and use outside of cryptocurrency

To support our efforts, Quantum1Net is launching two token types: an initial convertible Silver Token in February 2018 without quantum key encryption, and a later limited release quantum key encrypted Gold Token in July 2018. Silver token holders will be able to convert their holdings at a discount. The full deployment of the Gold Token and Quantum1Net is currently slated for January 2019  

Quantum1net Team 

  • Mattias Bergstrom CEO, Patent holder
  • Stan Miasnikov CTO, Patent holder
  • Mats Jagmalm Cryptocurrency expert
  • Thomas Olofsson Security lead
  • Joseph Fernandez Physics guy
  • Andreas Tibblin Creative marketing
  • Michael Johnson Strategic marketing

Road Map


Author: Airdropdropp
MEW: 0xf061Ed0d776C6D400103ceE59B60388021518350  

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