Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology remain the most annoying and revolutionary

21st century technology. Since the innovative creation of Bitcoin by the mysterious

Satoshi Nakamoto more than 3500 Cryptocurrency has been created. This is generated from

the success of Bitcoin itself. Cryptocurrency was created to change and revolutionize

the financial world as we know it, and blockchain technology was created to serve as a validation mechanism. Since then, the technology has been applied not only to the financial sector of finance but also to other industries such as oil and gas, real estate, education, medicine and even law, just to mention a few.

However, regardless of the annoying nature of cryptocurrency, and its invaluable benefits and potential applications, it is still limited, under the unit, and highly volatile. The reason for underutilization is simply because it has no real use in everyday life. Lack of everyday use is one of the factors that makes cryptocurrency extremely volatile, customers and companies rarely use Cryptocurrency for transactions. Therefore, it is difficult for the value to be stable, regardless of the profit.

Introducing Fixy App, a blockchain-based application that will facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in ordinary everyday life. Fixy App is a blockchain solution, from cryptocurrency beginners cryptocurrency fans. The solution is Mmemberikan some benefits to users such as, monetize their Cryptocurrency and can be paid both in FIAT and cryptocurrency when they sell their goods and services.
Fixy Network makes it possible for people to use cryptocurrency in their day to day life. The Network will include a decentralized marketplace and a decentralized OTC exchange. We provide Fixy Gift Card, which is going to be available in every corner store and be sold in FIAT easy access.

Why You FIXY ?
The Fixy Network brings together customers and retailers who are interested in using cryptocurrency for transactions. Here new participants can get into the world of cryptocurrency by purchasing the Fixy gift card which would be sold in approved stores across the globe. New users card will be credited as soon as they have gone through the "know your customer" process which is very fast while existing users' balance will be loaded directly into their wallets. In other words, the general idea of the Fixy marketplace is to connect users and partners via a simple process.


No application of cryptocurrency to daily life

Despite the industrial disruption and technological advances that blockchain provides, one
area that is still largely untapped is usability of Cryptocurrencies in daily life. Both fiat currency
and cryptocurrency can be called money or currency, as they are mediums of exchange that are
used to store and transfer value, both can be used to purchases goods and services, both have
their value governed by supply, demand, work, scarcity, and other economic factors, both have
their value affected by the quality of the system surrounding it, both can be traded on
exchanges. However, Cryptocurrencies are very much limited especially when it involves
purchasing goods and services. As much as cryptocurrency has become a media darling, it is
still not widely or generally accepted. In fact, only a hand full of countries is cryptocurrency

Difficulty in getting into the world of cryptocurrency

It is a very tiring task attempting to participate in the world of cryptocurrency, the interest of
newbie investors of cryptocurrency is truly put to the test at the point of first purchase. When
new and inexperienced cryptocurrency enthusiast gets into the real buying context, they realize
that is not so easy to acquire, and some may even lose interest. This is mostly as a result of
wearing registration procedures that investors have to undergo. Registering on exchange platform
in other to be able to liquidate one's cryptocurrency is another challenge as exchanges require
exhausting and time-consuming processes which involve KYC (know your customer) vali
dation which may take days or weeks.
This problem is further escalated because some financial institutions have barred their customers
from acquiring cryptocurrencies with their services. According to a coinbase report, Credit
card holders from four U.S. banks have been barred from buying Cryptocurrencies using credit
cards at Coinbase. This development is not exclusive to the United States alone, as British banking
group, Lloyds has also reportedly blocked card holders from several of its major subsidiaries
– including Halifax, MBNA, and Bank of Scotland – from purchasing Bitcoin on credit.

Centralized exchange

Decentralization Decentralization is at the core of blockchains value proposition; yet, central entities still play a
major role in the process of buying Cryptocurrencies. As a result of centralized nature of
exchanges, challenges facing these platforms have gravely harmed cryptocurrency traders and
investors who use these platforms. Exchanges have struggled to keep up with the breakneck
growth of the cryptocurrency market and enormous volumes so much that some of the
existing centralized exchange platforms have even begun to shut out new members because it
has become nearly impossible to keep up with demand. This makes it extremely difficult for
newbies newbies to acquire cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency traders and investors have lost so much
money because these centralized exchange platforms have at some point ceased trading,
experienced outage, and crashed during times of very high volumes and demands

No mass adoption of cryptocurrency

Despite the popularity of cryptocurrency, especially with the attention, the media has granted
it, there is still no mass adoption of the digital currency. This situation is mostly due to the
overly complex buying process it requires to obtain cryptocurrency. It is not as though you can
just walk into a store and purchase cryptocurrency, as nearly 2 billion adults are unbanked and
do not have the necessary bank account to buy cryptocurrencies.
The challenge of transforming cryptocurrency to cash
The last mile issue in cryptocurrency transactions has yet to be solved. How to transform
cryptocurrency into cash in only minutes? Cryptocurrency is a new and modern way to store
value. However, it becomes quite a challenge to transform said value into cash. Although there
are existing platforms that provide this service, it usually takes days for the transactions to be
completed, this can particularly be difficult for individuals who are urgently in need of quick
cash and cannot afford to wait that long.

How it Works?

Fixy Network brings popular cryptocurrencies and retailers as partners with benefits from blockchain. Partner Stores will accept:
● Bitcoin
● Bitcoin Cash
● Ethereum
● Litecoin

Fixy Network Partner are retailers who sell the Gift Cards and members of the Fixy Network. Their memberships and advertising fees will be paid with Fixy Token.




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