Kepler Technologies is the first ecosystem of robotics and AI on blockchain


Technological achievements have a strong influence on our lives. Robotics became an integral part of our life: robot-assistants in everyday life, unmanned vehicles, drones etc. Today robotics brings 80 billion and this amount is increasing every day. More and more projects in robotics appear for investing, so the project Keplertek was created.

Keplertek technology is the first ecosystem of robotics and artificial intelligence. The technologies of smart-contracts and blockchain are used on the platform. Transactions are carried out automatically without human intervention which completely protects against fraud. Project developers are protected from misappropriation, they quickly get access to funds. All projects are audited and there is accounting.

Owners of tokens are able to directly buy any product created on the platform at the best price. Keplertek platform provides many benefits to its users:

  • Transparency;
  • Security;
  • Instant payments;
  • Transaction tracking;
  • Simple inspection;
  • The ability to exchange the KEP token for another crypto currency or fiat money anytime at any day;
  • Investors easily and quickly get access to start-ups at different stages of investment;
  • Low fees;
  • Ability to create smart contracts;
  • Getting statistics in real time;
  • Accountability of all platform users;
  • Establishing trust between start-ups, investors and government.


ICO and token of Keplertek platform.
The token KEP will be used for payment transactions as well as for purchasing robots and other technologies and devices.

In total, 257 million KEP was created, 61% of them are sold to investors, 10% belongs to the development team, 10% is allocated as a reserve fund, 9% belongs to the project partners, 8% belongs to the consultants and 2% is allocated to the Bounty program.

The pre-sale began on May 22. The Token costs 1.25 USD with a 30% discount. 4 million KEP will be sold. Pre-sale will be completed on June 5th.

The sale of tokens will take place in 4 stages during June and July. A bonus from 5% to 20% will be given at different stages of the ICO.
Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
Soft cap: 62,500,000 USD

Official webpage:
White paper:
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