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Today, launching your own projects is fraught with a lot of real problems that do not allow you to fully realize your plans. People are trying to push their ideas into the digital world, but it is not easy enough to find the necessary funding. The launch of ICO is always associated with a certain risk, so many promising ideas are ignored. The developers of the decentralized Eqwity platform are going to make a real revolution in this segment and provide their customers with a platform for hosting promising projects. This is an excellent opportunity to minimize all existing risks and find investors who are ready to support a new idea. The base of the Eqwity platform will be the blockchain, which ensures the safety of all members of the global community of the project. Everyone will be able to realize their plans, using the potential of Eqwity.

What problems can the Eqwity platform solve?
It is necessary to highlight the key factors that today do not allow to fully implement the new ICO:
The risk that the project will be SCAM. This is the main problem of many investors, because today the market for projects is full of fraudulent schemes. Most of the new ideas are created in order to simply raise funds, without the ability to earn.

No real guarantees. In some situations, investors spend large sums in order to support the project, while they do not receive stocks or other securities that can guarantee future profits. The creators of ICO can simply assign funds, refuse to cooperate at any convenient time.

The creators of new projects often do not think through all the necessary details, which leads to huge problems in the future. That is why they need effective tools to implement their plans.

Investors can not get information about the creators of projects. They actually have to act blindly, which often leads to problems with fraudulent schemes.
There is no way to work globally. After all, today there are many countries that do not allow openly launching and implementing ICO, arguing that this is a problem with the law.

There is no secondary market that allows investors, as well as founders, to trade stocks quickly and efficiently.

What exactly do the developers of the decentralized Eqwity platform offer?

There are a few key features that Eqwity provides:

A huge decentralized ecosystem that allows the blockchain to be implemented in most sectors. In this way, people will be able to tokenize their own assets and realize promising projects;

The Eqwity platform opens up new opportunities for all customers. Only safe and proven projects will be available here, thus avoiding problems with fraudulent schemes. Trust relationships between users of the decentralized Eqwity platform will be supported by smart contracts, ensuring maximum security of all transactions performed;

A huge exchange based on the blockchain. This platform will allow all shareholders to look for options for profitable exchanges. Users of the decentralized Eqwity platform will no longer have to spend time searching for various services and exchangers, they will be able to perform any necessary action within the platform;

Opportunity to learn newbies. Anyone can become a true expert in the ICO launch segment. In the future, founders will be able to use the capabilities of the decentralized Eqwity platform to search for personnel.

Why Eqwity is beneficial for investors
In this situation, you should highlight the features of smart contracts. Thanks to this detail, any transaction will be considered official and correct, binding. Intellectual contracts eliminate fraud. Due to the presence of expert opinion, investors will be able to select only high-quality and promising projects for their investments.

Benefit for developers
The decentralized Eqwity platform allows you to place ICO, to attract investors for the full implementation of the plan. Due to the features of the Eqwity platform, the creators of promising projects will be able to find means for further development. Investors are interested in this to get stocks and tokens.

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