Thrive launches fundraising campaign on KICKICO

  Thrive is a premium decentralized advertising marketplace based on block chain and smart contracts. The block chain will ensure full transparency, 100% data security and safety. 

 A reliable and meritocratic reputation management mechanism, based on concurrent professional reviews, will ensure websites ratings and premium advertisement placement. Brand safety and reputation won’t be a problem anymore. 

 Smart contracts are the bridge on block chain to connect any advertiser and publisher without any third party needed, drastically lowering advertising Marketplace fees.

For the first time, both Publishers and Consumers willing to voluntarily share anonymous data will get monetary rewards. Something today everyone is unconsciously already doing for free. 

 Thrive launches a collaboration with KICKICO — The Fundraising platform powered by blockchain, as an additional source to attract funds for the tokensale. 

Thrive Platform is not only providing lower fees for advertisers and faster payments for publishers. Thrive is the first marketplace in the industry rewarding the users for surfing the web and giving them back the control of the internet.

 What’s great about the idea: Thrive is establishing the first meritocratic & Community-based Advertising Market Place. Users can monetize not only sharing behavioral data in anonymous way while visiting their favorite websites, but also reviewing the overall quality of publishers’ websites in the ecosystem to mitigate any brand reputation risk. Thrive believes the human touch needs to complement any A.I. algorithm to provide the best results.
Thrive believes the community is the backbone of its business model, where all main actors who are actively contributing to the Advertising Marketplace development such as Consumers, Reviewers, Advertisers and Publishers are eligible to improve their economic performance.
Thrive aims to build a better internet, together. 

 The market opportunity is huge: the advertising industry is 250+ billion business and only 0.02% market penetration is enough to be become an emerging partners. 
Thrive, compared to its direct competitors, has a clear go to market strategy and thanks to its current network of partners and early joiners already guaranteed the minimum market penetration needed to succeed. 

 Transparency and data security are two advantages of a blockchain-based network which centralized platforms like Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising cannot provide. It is the immutability of blockchain technology and its cryptographically encrypted network that enables every piece of data to be accessed as public information. 

 Innovative ways in managing the consensus, transactions grouping to better manage temporary storage and avoid platform flooding, anti-bot proprietary algorithms which use comparative behavioral models, blockchain segmentation to facilitate the storage in device with limited memory are the main technological breakthrough Thrive Platform is putting on the table to establish the first “Marketing oriented” blockchain in the industry. 

 In order to support our project, everyone needs to visit Thrive’s campaign page at KICKICO and select the convenient method. Contribute in ETH to get additional 5% bonus or in KickCoins to get additional 10% bonus.
Softcap of 3000 ETH has already been reached and overtaken during the Private sale round! 

 Thrive sustains a positive trend not only by complying with the high standards of ICO campaigns launched at KICKICO, but also preferring to use KICKICO platform as an additional source to attract funds for the tokensale.


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