Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud. It is based on  blockchain technology as a tool for protecting and validating personal  data of Internet users.  

 For users
-Personal information is protected by encryption and biometric data
-Data is hosted on user’s device
-User is able to choose information provided to service
-Document verification with digital sign

For services
-Reliable information on user
-Absence of fake or dublicated user profiles
-KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance
-Ecosystem for customer and service interaction                             

ID verification market 

We live in a brand new digital world. More than that, we are the grassroots of Web3, experiencing increasing power and influence of Blockchain-based technologies on our day-to day life. According to recent MarketsandMarkets 2  report, Blockchain technology market size will be  worth 2.3 billion by 2021, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61.5 percent.  Within  Blockchain,  the  digital  identity  market  is  expected  to  grow  at  the  highest  rate  as  the   Blockchain would make digital identities more secure and efficient, resulting in seamless sign- ons and a reduction of identity fraud. In addition, the global Identity Management market worth  is projected at $14.82 billion by 2021, up from $8.09 billion in 2016.


Blockchain technology for personal identification 

The diversity of middlemen and the lack of value-added to service providers and users make some  sort of simplification of the present online ID verification system inevitable. The reality remains: user  experience is valuable, but it hasn’t been properly improved with an efficient and transparent service. According to Customer Due Diligence 14  (CDD) Market Survey 2016 performed by Nice Actimize, Fi - nancial Services Organizations are facing an increased need to evaluate and enhance organizational  CDD/KYC controls in order to address the new regulatory requirements. Top operational challenges  related to current CDD/KYC are manual processes and data quality & availability, and the highest  operational priorities related to CDD/KYC programs are to improve data quality, investment in new  technology solutions and process automation.

 General view of the whole system: 

Blockchain base can be accessed in three different ways: 

1.  Direct appeal.  Direct contact to a Smart Contract on Solidity. Our Smart Contract pos - sesses  a  communication  interface  that  can  be  interacted  with  without  a  server  or  app   (e.g. to check another user or see a list of verifiers).  

 2.  Appeal through the server API.  Services can communicate with system users via an API  in order to verify their own users through KYC. The API provides a QR-code to the service  that allows you to request personal information from the service and identify it. 

3.  Mobile application.  The mobile application exchanges data with the database through  the server API. This is used as the primary way to interact with the system and is avail - able to all users.


With new digital economies booming and the volume of ID verification requests growing at  unprecedented rates, KYC.LEGAL is aiming to execute its unit economics through data moneti - zation while sacrificing our potential ID verification revenues in order to accelerate user growth.  (remember? 50% to certified agent and 50% is split between token holder and user discount)

For scale estimation, let’s take our ICO example. Out of a maximum of 42,000,000 issued KYC  tokens, a conservative forecast is that every 4th token will conduct at least one verification per  year bringing its holder $12 on average. This gives us $100-$120M in total revenue for all token  holders  during  year  1  -  given  that  potentially  token  holders  will  cumulatively  invest  not  more   than the $35M max cap, it’s over a 300% increase.

Token Sale 

KY C is an Ethereum token which authori zes the usage of all KY C appservices. Tok en gene ration means gener ation andex change of KYC between ICO participants. Tok ens will be  released and distributed within 7 da ys after the ICO closure. The  offer  is  opened  to   the  global  community  ex cluding  U.S.  citizens,  whoae   pr  ohibited  by   the  law of their country to tak e par t in such activities. KY C.LEGAL   is  not   responsible   for  members   who  violate  ICO-related   laws  of  their  country   of  citizenship.

 Initial Coin Offering 

Token Distribution 

KYC.LEGAL releases 35M KYC tokens at a value of $1 per token during the ICO timeframe with  a max cap of $35M. The KYC.LEGAL team additionally issues 20% of the released amount - 15%  to be withheld by the KYC.LEGAL team and 5% to cover ICO operational costs. The total amount  of tokens issued is 42M.

Token KYC Price includes  

Verifying Agent’s costs from $5 t o $25 (depends on region) Rewar  damoun t (50% of t otal pri e) can be shared between  User and  Tokenholder  Rewar  d sharing process is managed by   Tokenholder only KYC t oken works as the sharing instrumen t and it means utility  token (not of ten)

WEB https://kyc.legal/

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/KYCLegal/
TWITER https://twitter.com/KYCLegal/
MEDIUM https://medium.com/@kyc.legal/ 

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