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 Why we are building Ai Bastion and PUREAir Coin?We are doing this because we’re in a mission. Every year 12.6 million people die due to air pollution in this world. This is a very sad fact. And someone should be doing something about. Also, this is costing the governments +$5 trillions annually, that shouldn’t we spent in this way. That’s why we’re introducing Air Bastion and PUREAir Coin.    

Every year 7 million people die because of air pollution...

Pure Air Industries is developing units to clean  open air in cities - removing major pollutants and chemicals in the  air. Each unit, while cleaning the air, collects thousands of datapoints  and as they become ubiquitous, more data will be available. PureAir  Coin (AiRC) is the currency to access our DAPP, and by extensions all the capabilities you  can find there. 

Users first

PURE holders will be able to access the platform, the data and to  earn money verifying this data is accurate. Also, our network gives you  free wifi wherever our machines are placed.      

Blockchained data with user verification

All the data is locked in a blockchain and all machines are in constant synchronization    


Sponsors are able to pay and promote these units so they are available to everyone soon rather than later.   

Goal State The goal state we want to achieve is an overall diminish on air pollution in cities  - especially  in secondary streets, alleys, and any other type of road. For big sources of pollution (like principal and high streets, m ain roads and any other type)  we want to achieve a status quo of balance. Meaning after an initial cleaning of air,  subsequent pollution should be absorbed and cleaned as it’s produced. Without affecting  the health of anyone in that area.  When talking  about an initial cleaning of the air we are looking at 2 - 4 days of the machinery  working at full capacity and without the main sources (named cars) running. This means, we all can continue driving our regular cars for now, and there would not be a  pressin g need of forbidding diesel and petrol vehicles from cities. Even though it makes  sense on the long term. In the same fashion, congestion charges or anything similar would  become unnecessary. Although it can be a vehicle for governments to sponsor a massiv e  deployment of machinery in streets.

 Token sale

Token SaleToken Sale Phase #1: AIRC tokens issuedStart date: 24th of November 2017 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC - 4 End date: 6th of December 2017 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC - 4) 

AIRC Token Sale cap (Phase #1): 40,000,000 AIRC tokens

 Currency accepted: ETH, BTC 

Minimal goal to start (soft cap): 5,000,000 AIRC tokens (5.000 ETH) 

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1,000 AIRC tokens 

Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited 

Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH 

Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 100 AIRC tokens (The transaction rate is dependant on BTC rate fluctuations) 

Maximum transaction amount: unlimited 

Bonuses: Day 1: +10% bonus Day 2: +5% bonusDay 3: +3% bonus Day 4: no bonuses 

 Token Sale Phase #2Start date: To be determined (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC - 4) 

End date: 21 days after the start date (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC - 4) 

AIRC Token Sale Hard cap (Phase #2):260,000,000 (346.000 ETH)

Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, ETC, LTC

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 750 AIRC tokens 

Amount of tokens per one person: No limit 

Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH Maximum transaction amount: No limit  We are doing a pre-ICO and main ICO for our utility token. We are creating the token with a total supply of: 500,000,000 PURE, 15% (75000000) of which is available during the pre-ICO at a rate of 1ETH = 1000PURE. 

Soft cap: 20000000

Goal: 55000000

Hard cap: 75000000


Bounty Allocation

Bitcointalk signature and avatar campaign (25%) -  3,125,000 PUREAirCoins ($935,000)

 Media campaign and social networks (25%) - 3,125,000 PUREAirCoins ($935,000) 

Translation and moderations bounty(10%) - 1,250,000 PUREAirCoins ($375,000) 

Discretionary campaign (20%) - 2,500,000 PUREAirCoins ($750,000) 

Telegram (10%) - 1,250,000 PUREAirCoins ($375,000) 

Newsletter (10%) - 1,250,000 PUREAirCoins ($375,000) 

Whole bounty campaign budget will be up to ($3,745,000) in terms of ICO token price.   

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