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Introducing Signals marketplace for building, training, and monetising crypto trading strategies

 Let's make use of machine intelligence for human profit

Our  mission is to democratize machine intelligence in the cryptotrading  industry. Any cryptotrader armed with computational power and data  science can make smarter and faster trading decisions and maximize  trading profits. That is why Signals Marketplace provides traders with  an arsenal of trading algorithms, ranging from traditional technical  analysis to state of the art machine learning techniques, all suitable  even for those without any programming skills. 

 Why should you trust in machine learning and not your gut?

 Big data insights

Machines  are able to cut through unstructured data noise and find patterns in  terabytes of data streams that would give a human cognitive overload. 

 How do we want to revolutionize crypto trading?

 No programming skills needed

Anyone  can use the Signals visual strategy builder. Just pick and combine  indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning  or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring.  

Decentralized supercomputer power

We're  building Signals platform upon other successful blockchain services  which open the new possibilites for cryptocurrency trading. By  integrating decentralized supercomputers we will be able to process big  data computations in reasonable time while still making it affordable  for common users. 

Crowd sourced wisdom

Signals  platform gives you a chance to use indicators driven by main  blockchain-based prediction market platforms, which generate powerful  trading strategies augmented by crowd sourced wisdom. 

 How do Signals work?

 Build algotrading models with no programming skills

No  knowledge of machine learning is required for using Signals model  builder. Just choose from a variety of indicators, ranging from  traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis  based on media monitoring and combine them together.However,  if you happen to be a developer or a data scientist you can develop new  trading indicators from scratch and monetize your data science skills  through Signals indicator marketplace. 

 Train your model before spending any money

Connect  your model to a crypto exchange and backtest it with historical data in  Signals training center. Use our optimization algorithms and supportive  analytics to find the best settings for your selected strategy.Exploit  our computational power connected to the decentralized super-computer  or optimize the model on your own device with the use of Signals desktop  application. 

 Use your trading model to generate profit

Once  you're confident about your trading model, use it on real-time data to  make informed trading decisions. It’s up to you if you want to automate  your trading or just get notified about trading opportunities.Make  your strategy adaptive by using our data science algorithm toolset.  Your strategy will be constantly re-learning its settings to maximize  profit based on new trends on the market. 

 Share and monetize your trading strategy

Place your brand new trading model to the Signals Marketplace so that anyone can pay you to copy trade your successful strategy.You  can also discover and copy trade the most successful strategies in the  Signals community and chat with others about your ideas and trading  progress. 

 Product Roadmap

 Introducing Signal token (SGN)

 What can you use SGN for?

SGN  tokens empower its holders to assemble their own crypto-trading models  based on premium indicators developed by data science community, perform  complex machine learning experiments using super computer on historical  data, or rent and copy-trade other successful strategies in Signals  marketplace. 

 Keep SGN tokens safe in your Ethereum wallet

Signal  Token is powered by Ethereum, a blockchain global computing platform.  SGN is a standard ERC20 token and can be stored and transferred using  the generic Ethereum wallet. 

 Of the 150 million generated tokens, 75 million (50%) are offered for sale in two-phase token sale:

  • The  Token Presale, which started on November 22, has been successfully  completed. All of the 1,969,482 SGN tokens reserved for the Token  Presale phase have been purchased by our supporters, totalling over  $500,000.
  • In  January 2018, 73 million SGN tokens will be offered in the main Token  Sale. The success threshold will be set at $2M (soft cap) and the goal  at $24.5M (hard cap).


A  substantial part of SGN tokens is reserved for developers and data  science community as a reward for developing and adding indicators to  our marketplace.1.3%

Token Presale - COMPLETED

A total of 1,969,482 SGN tokens have been successfully sold during the Presale, amounting to a sum just north of $0,5M.48.7%

Main Token Sale - UPCOMING

In January 2018, 73 million SGN tokens will be offered for sale, targeting a goal of $24,5M.2%

Bounty Program

These tokens are distributed as rewards for marketing initiatives and bug finding programs.10%

Advisors & Partners

This amount of tokens goes to our advisors and partners who help bring Signals to life.18%

Signals Company Reserve

This part of SGN tokens is reserved to cover sustainable development and operation expenses. 

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