latest News ICO Crypterium. $37+ million collected, hardcap is coming

Weekly digest: $37+ million collected, hardcap is coming

 Just two weeks are left till the New Year’s Eve, and the festive mood is already in the air.Bitcoin  has skyrocketed over the past month, and this growth will continue.  Crypterium’s tokensale is in full play, even though the start of the ICO  was quite a long time ago.The hardcap is just around the corner.

  • The penultimate milestone has been reached!
  • The 6% bonus period ends in 1 day — don’t miss your chance to get CRPT tokens now!
  • Our TG community is growing very fast: everyday, more than 400 new members join our official chat, which already has more than 15 000 participants.

This week, we’ve reached the penultimate milestone on our way — $36.5 million — and that’s really cool!
We  hope to reach our final point within the first weeks of January. But  who knows what gifts Santa has in store for us this year… Maybe it’s our  hardcap?We’d like to remind you about the last chance to buy CRPT tokens with a 6% bonus. This bonus sale stage ends in less than 24 hours. Join us right now — don’t wait until it is too late!In case you forget how to buy CRPT tokens, here’s our step-by-step guide 

 Our community on Telegram  consists of more than 15 000 members right now! There you’ll find the  most active and enthusiastic part of our community. And you can ask our  Support team about anything. It works 24/7, so it doesn’t matter in  which timezone you reside — we will be there to help.  

The White List: A New Opportunity for Token Buyers

 At the moment, Crypterium’s token sale is very close to reaching its hard cap. The amount of tokens sold so far is worth around $30 million, while the sale revenue limit is fixed at $47 million.  Given the token sale dynamics, there is still plenty of time to reach  the hard cap organically. However, we keep in mind the upcoming  Christmas and New Year holidays that may draw our potential buyers’  attention away from purchasing CRPT tokens. 

 For instance:

  • For new buyers
    You will get an amount of bonus tokens depending on the sum of your purchase.
    These extra bonuses will be added to the existing token sale bonuses.
    Let’s  say you’ve applied for White List participation and deposited 2 BTC. In  this case, once your application has been accepted and the White List  offer has been processed, you will get an additional 5% bonus along with  the regular 3% bonus of the token sale. Overall, you’ll get an 8% bonus  to the amount of tokens you’ve purchased.
  • For those who have purchased CRPT tokens before
    You  will get an additional bonus not only to your current purchase but also  to all the previous ones. Let’s say you have a 10% bonus; in this case,  it will be replaced with a 15% bonus given that the sum of your  purchase is from 2 till 4 BTC. Just like new token holders, you will  also get an additional 8% (3% + 5%) bonus to all the tokens you purchase  within the duration of the White List offer.

 The chart below shows the amount of bonus tokens offered to White List participants based on the amount of tokens they purchase: 

+5% | from 2 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD) 

+10% | from 4 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD)

+15% | from 6 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD) 

+20% | from 10 BTC (or an equivalent sum in another cryptocurrency/USD) 

This is not just a high load — this is unprecedented!

 Over the  past few days, some of our token sale participants have been unable to  access our token-buying platform. The issue has been resolved and now  we’d like to tell you what caused it. We hope our experience might help  other projects to learn from our experiences and make them focus on  their system’s scalability and reliability.

High load?A  few days ago, our users started to experience troubles when trying to  log in and buy CRPT tokens. At first glance, one might jump to the  assumption that the issues were caused by the large number of visitors  on our site — and that the obvious solution would be to increase the  server’s capacity. 

However, this is not the actual reason why we had to  limit access to our bookbuilding platform for a few of our followers.Both our main website and our bookbuilding platform have been exposed to a high load since the very start of our ICO: over 5 million people have visited the page since the start of our token sale, while the number of simultaneously active users peaked at around 5 thousand people.This is how many active users are on our site right now (according to Google Analytics):

 Users from all over the world have shown interest towards Crypterium’s ICO. At the moment, the ICO has over 100 000 registered users, while the number of token holders has exceeded 18 000 (typically, an ICO only has about 4 000–5 000 buyers).  

What is the plan?

 To be honest, Crypterium is quite an ambitious project. You bet — after  all, we are going to change the banking system! But what’s our plan? Do  we even have one? Let’s find out! 

 Part 1. The Beginning

Our  main goal after the end of the ICO is to release the first version of  our cryptobank. The ICO’s actual results don’t really matter. A good  outcome will surely help a lot, but nothing will stop us from developing  the Crypterium app. 

 Part 2. The Acquiring System

This  isn’t the biggest and hardest part of our project, even though it may  look like one. Our plan is to start out by testing the algorithms and  applying them to small shopping spots and e-commerce. Next, we’ll be  looking to shift to NFC solutions for business owners.

Part 3. The Credit System

Now  this is the hardest part: to build a credit system that will be simple,  efficient and easy to understand. We aren’t scared of this challenge  and have already started working on the solution. 

 Part 4. Long-Term Plans

All  the previous parts dealt with functions typical of transactional  banking. But we aren’t aiming to become yet another intermediary that  simply moves your money from one place to another. 





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