Lympo crowdfunding platform: a chance to invest in most promising fitness and wellness startups

 Repost from Lympo medium:
 The third arm of the Lympo ecosystem is a crowdfunding and investment  platform allowing LYM token holders to invest in the most promising  fitness/wellness/health start-ups
Which are reviewed and rated by Lympo ecosystem members who know what  the industry needs best. LYM token holders will be able to receive  company shares for the tokens contributed.
 The unique value proposition of this crowdfunding platform is:
 • Public reviews and ratings by sports and wellness market players
The crowdfunding platform will allow for businesses and service  providers active in the Lympo ecosystem to review and rate new companies  seeking investment for a certain token reward offered by a start-up  listed. This will help investors to better evaluate the potential of the  new venture and for start-ups to find potential partners and customers  operating within the same industry.
 • Access to data of a big user base enabled by LYM tokens
Many new companies are following the usual data economy business cycle:  build a product, attract a large user base, then start analysing and  monetising data. But with the help of invested LYM tokens, start-ups on  the Lympo crowdfunding platform will be able to start working with a big  data base immediately purchasing fitness and health data directly from  our users or proposing new challenges for reward tokens if the existing  data set lacks some particular qualities.
 This way, new innovative fitness/wellness/health companies will have a  much lower market entry cost and can successfully launch their products  and maximise returns for investors.
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