Our Prototype is Arriving Earlier than Expected! Slight move of the ICO Start Date to December 4th

  Since our inception earlier this year, INS Ecosystem has been dedicated  to transforming traditional practices, to embracing technical  advancements, and to pushing boundaries. 

 We’re  also keen to create new best practices for the wider crypto community.  With this in mind, we have proactively decided to launch INS platform  prototype to share with our community, our supporters, and our partners  in advance of our token sale. We’re going to make this launch ahead of  schedule and earlier than promised. To further benefit all of our  participants, we’ve also decided to lower our hard cap.We’re  committed to highly ambitious goals with the accelerated development of  the prototype, and as a result have decided to slightly move our public  Token Sale to December 4 (previously announced for November 27). 

The community deserves a chance to try out our platform first!

Everything  about our project has been designed to reflect the INS vision and  values. As we’ve attained additional information from our conversations  with leading manufacturers, fulfillment operators, and FMCG experts,  we’ve been able to develop a longterm plan with plenty of runway that  requires less capital than initially anticipated. Consequently, we’re  lowering our hard cap to 60,000 ETH.We  have made a conscientious decision to embrace the sharing economy and  enlist the help of third-party fulfillment operators rather than  establishing our own system — an economically favorable decision that  will ultimately benefit the environment and allow the project to be  minimally dependent on the development of physical infrastructure on its  own. 

 The team at INS  Ecosystem is grateful to our supportive community. We’re excited to soon  share more news on our platform and greatly look forward to launching  our working prototype in the coming weeks. 

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