What are the features of KARATCOIN?

To date, the Central Banks of the leading countries have begun to actively purchase precious metals, in particular, gold. Gold is regarded as a" reserve currency", which is more resistant to external influences. The rate of this precious metal for a long period of time fluctuates in a small range, gradually increasing.

Currently, a unique company has appeared on the market, which intends to build specific relations between the participants of economic relations, taking into account the use of gold in the framework of blockchain technologies. An unusual project designed to" Golden " the development of digital technologies and blockchain is called Karatcoin.

The essence of the project and its features
The Karatcoin project is designed to ensure the implementation of gold and precious metals through the development of a special platform based on blockchain. The program will give the following privileges to its members:

The investor, regardless of its real location, will be able to purchase special certificates or crypto-gold, bypassing the need to pay commissions, taxes and other transportation costs;
Storage of gold in digital format will not differ from real gold. On the Karatcoin platform, special wallets will be created to store crypto-gold, which will be protected at the highest level. Politicians will not be able to put pressure on this financial asset. At the same time, the cost of crypto-gold will directly depend on the demand for it: the higher the demand, the higher the price;
The project will operate on the basis of a special DPoS algorithm. As part of this mechanism, the work of the team is aimed at increasing the profits of investors. Mining within the project is a secondary task that will allow participants to earn money. Due to the focus on investors, it is planned to increase the level of security of the project participants ' assets, reduce energy consumption, accelerate the process of transaction verification;
The Karatcoin team assumes to regard crypto-gold as a new type of investment that can bring even passive income. In particular, within the framework of this platform, investors will be able to make a profit at the level of 6% provided within 2 coupons. The income opportunity will apply to all gold scriptactive stored in purses Karatcoin;
The possibility of obtaining additional income from the production of gold mines. Within the framework of Karatcoin, participants will be able to vote for the development of gold mines, which will allow them to receive additional funds for active participation in the life of the project;
It is expected that the project will work closely with real gold mines, which will become the main investors financing the development of Karatcoin.


The more money will be invested in the development of a unique platform, the more gold will be mined, the faster the value of tokens will grow.

The project provides for direct interaction between buyers and sellers, bypassing intermediaries, which is actually designed to reduce the cost of the purchase and sale operation itself and accelerate its implementation.

This possibility will be achieved due to the fact that the project will work on the basis of smart contracts. Not only crypto-gold will be available for exchange, but also the exchange of shares, money, property.

Experts note that in fact the cryptocurrency within the framework of the Karatcoin project will be "backed up" by real gold, which minimizes the risk of loss of investors ' funds. The internal currency of Karatcoin will be more resistant to changes in the external environment.

As the leading cryptocurrency on the platform will be Karatcoin, the value of each coin will be estimated at 1 cent. The minimum Deposit on the platform will be $ 100.

Project team
The platform Karatcoin are professionals of the highest level. The dominant share of experts of this project has extensive experience in the development of the crypto industry, digital technologies and blockchain.

Through perseverance, a huge wealth of knowledge and solidarity team Karatcoin will be able to create an unusual cryptopleura protected from all adversity and unparalleled.


Experienced investors note that they have not yet met a worthy competitor Karatcoin on the market. To trade on Karatcoin Buda is possible not only with PCs but also with mobile applications.

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