Hello guy, I have something interesting I want to share with you that I bump through when I was doing my article review. Today I will talk about a platform called IDEALCOIN. If you have heard of it before congrats but if you have not I will be giving you all the full details today. Just relax, let me do the work.


Idealcoin is a digital currency where the amount of information is composed in a payMHO digital social platform where they are all expressed. So basically, the Ideacoin will be secured and prepared by algorithms for instant use. However, these digital assets will eventually be produced by influencers who are generating a tremendous mass of information. Besides, influencers are the ones who accumulate, sell, own, trade, and transfer or use the currency or the assets. They also benefit from guarantees which are all set up in by today’s digital token. Digitalization and monetized information are all valuable in the platform.


So if you may ask how does this all works. Well, I will explain briefly. So there is a social media platform that this community exhibits. The platform is called the payMHO 3.0, this platform is a juncture where influencers and users can interact, answers questions, develop and can use personable language. However, these influencers will continue to develop their profiles in a fun, unique and spontaneous way. The platform well has been designed in a way that it can empower creativity for individuals. Influencers don’t need to worry because results and responses are built in a reliable database. I will brief more on payMHO.

payMHO is a tool that anyone can participate actively in daily information, and the result is by gaining benefit from the daily economy. Most individuals can do any job with any mobile device or computers without having extra experience or skill about the job.
You also find out that they earn money by doing some specific task for their clients and majorly they do have a lot of clients if I may say. The process is where individuals advertise their off skill products to the world and to major companies for them to purchase. Do they actually purchase these skills? Yes, they do. Most companies are interested in quality works from influencers and at most pay a huge sum of money for these products.
payMHO collects influencers every aspect of life in a spontaneous way. Influencers profile will be massively built while you can generate electronic bits. Their information thus will be kept secure and private as it all belongs to them, they can also find them also in an accessible and decentralized location.

Being an influencer in the platform and if you are really following up means that you can earn income even when you are at sleep. As I said earlier, you don’t need any special knowledge.


TALENTS or value units is a feature in the platform where influencers can use different value units and applications and also benefit. Influencers are allowed to add their data by linking their profile with many influencers all over the world so they can answers, suggest, and are asked for their opinions too. This process notes that the influencers are also earning. So if you may ask what can TALENTS be used for in the platform. I will briefly talk about it.
Value units that are generated in the payMHO can always be used to purchase goods and service in the application. It can also be used to change influencer’s local currency. TALENTS are all linked up with gold which means that the value will be growing continuously. Easy conversion of currency using digital currency with top security, mobility and so on.

So you can become an influencer by signing up in the platform doing all required process like KYC ANALYSIS, DOCUMENTATION DELIVERY, IDENTIFICATION, and OPENING OF WALLET-TYPE.


They are so many stuff to stick on in the platform so just get registered and start earning. It indeed a dream come true for all.

For more details, visit the links below. Thanks.

BitcoinTalk Username: kelvinkent


White Paper:





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