Old Recipe – How to make the beef of satay/grilled to be very tender! (English-Indonesia)

Hi guys!!
It has been for ages to me for not keep sharing here. But, well, todays it’s the best time for me to give the old recipe that you can try it to accompany you in the rainy day. Well, one of the snack that you can prepare is the satay or any kind of BBQ. I know that one of the problems is to prepare the beef satay/grilled beef is to make it to be very tender. Now, I can describe it on how to make it to be very tender and very soft only by using candlenuts and pineapples. Trust me!!
Here is an example:

image 1: a plate of very tender satay/grilled beef

½ kg of beef
2 slices of pineapple
4 candlenuts
3 gloves of garlic
3 gloves of onion
salt to taste
soy sauce
2 spoons of butter
3 stalks lemongrass, tied and squeezed

First, boiling the beef for 15 minutes (IF NOT, Thats OK.)

After that, you may cut the beef into the small cube.
This step is very important, to make the beef to be very tender. The main important part is pineapple and candlenuts causing the beef then to be very thender. So, blending the pineaplle, candlenuts, garlics, and onion altogether.
Pouring the blended ingredients into the beef, also salt. Keep it for around 30 minutes.

After that, putting the cube of beef into the stick and ready to be grilled.

For the seasoning, please mix the butter and soy sauce. Further, paint them to the surface of grilled satay during grilling by using the stalk of lemongrass to have a very good flavour smell.

This is a very traditional way to grill in my village. I just need coconut shell and hand formed brick.

Finally, the very tender satay is ready and can be enjoyed by using any sauce that you like.
Please try and enjoy this recipe for your another BBQ party.

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