My Entry for the Infographics Contest by @dklef (What is Whaleshares).

Dear Friends,

It was a normal beautiful day in the present of God and decided to put my Graphics School to test by entrying the Infographics Contest Organized by @dklef and if you will like to enter please Click Here. Though it's a whaleshares contest. Open to Whaleshares users.

Contests Open the way to put your thinking abilities to test. Try it you might just be the lucky winner of the 500 Hive or come second.

Whaleshare infographics1.png

Bhive is a whaletoken used to share your post on whaleshares platform. On whaleshares we share and at the same time we reward so if I say share, I meant upvote as other platforms term it.

The contest is simply design an info graphics answering the question "What is Whaleshares". And I do hope I dealt with it with my amateur graphics design.


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I remain Steven Moses.

See you next time.

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