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Good afternoon dear friends, my name is Amur and my bitcointalk username is Gucci Flip Flops. This article is about a rather interesting and unusual platform - Ingot
Growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to explosive growth in operations with digital assets. This caused the need to transfer financial assets into digital, there is a need for operations to convert traditional currencies into foreign currency. The daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies has already reached 21.4 billion US dollars.

Traditional means are no longer able to meet all the needs of this rapidly growing segment of the financial market. There is a need for a completely new toolkit that could ensure the integration of the traditional financial market and the digital assets market.

In addition, the existing system causes a lot of complaints from the participants. Especially critical is the extremely slow implementation of transactions, unreasonably high commission costs, difficulties in moving capital, absolute opacity of operations and many dubious intermediaries.
INGOT Coin (IC) project team undertook the creation of a product that would solve all these accumulated problems.

The project is implemented on the basis of the Ethereum platform blockchain. At the heart of any project blockchain is initially laid the idea of decentralization, and, consequently, the absolute transparency of all transactions. Therefore, the question of the possibility of manipulating information blocks is removed. This will also eliminate the need for the services of most intermediaries.

To solve these problems, the project provides for the development and implementation of the necessary tools, consisting of six interconnected and integrated units. With their help, users can operate with financial and digital assets on various sites.

The following is integrated into the IC ecosystem:

IC Purse
The user who opens the purse keeps his funds in different currencies, makes payments and converts, receives funds. The purse is integrated into the digital bank IC and the exchange of financial instruments (IC Exchange). The wallet is protected by multi-level access. Appeal to the wallet is possible at any time of the day and anywhere in the world.

IC Exchange
The currency exchange trades in various financial instruments, digital assets and the initial placement of tokens (ICO). The Exchange trades all major cryptocurrencies.

IC Broker
Allows you to access various assets and their derivatives. The presence of an integrated wallet allows you to trade with various financial means.

IC Digital Bank
It will provide round-the-clock access to electronic accounts and transactions with them. The digital bank also provides work with IC purse.

IC Crypto Certifier
It implements educational programs with the issuance of certificates from the world's leading companies to participants who passed the testing. It also has the function of informing investors about the latest developments.

IC ICO Accelerator
A tool to assist startup participants. Assistance is provided in part: the creation of Whitepaper, the organization of a PR campaign, in financing and in the conduct of the ICO.

IC Ingot Coin
The Ingot Coin ecosystem emits an IC token according to the Ethereum ERC20 standard, which is intended for circulation both inside the ecosystem and in the open market of cryptocurrencies.

The total volume of emissions is 120 million IC tokens. At the initial location of the tokens, the collected amount should make a minimum (Soft Cap) of 37 million, and a maximum (Hard Cap) of $ 90 million. The cost of one IC token is 1 US dollar.

You can buy IC tokens for both US dollars and for the currencies: ETH, BTC, XRP. To do this, go to the site Ingot Coin. The company with the purpose of attracting investors has allocated 6 million IC for the accrual of bonuses to investors. The bonus program (bounty) has linked the size of the bonus with the time of purchase of the tokens. The size of the bonus in the presale period was up to 35% of the purchase price. At the stage of sales from July to mid-August, the bonus will drop from 25 to 0%.

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