My dear reader. So the weekend is approaching , which means that for you I have prepared promising reviews.The main feature of the blockchain technology is its ability to correct the inefficiency of global sectors, industries and markets. Blockchain technology has successfully crossed geographical boundaries, improved transaction speed and openness. The financial market has a lot of financial inefficiencies, it would be fair to say that the financial market has improved over time, but not where it should be.

INGOT is a project that hopes to improve the financial market by linking "the global market with the global market participants". INGOT is in a great position to take on this task because it has experience in the market, they have been in the financial market for 25 years. The INGOT project hopes to create more opportunities for investors as well as provide more opportunities for more participants. What better way to achieve this than using blockchain technology?

INGOT will create an ecosystem called IC Ecosystem; it will use Blockchain to integrate the financial market into the ecosystem. It will use Smart Contracts to process all contracts involved in this process.
The fears of many investors in the financial market are the manipulative and deceptive activities of intermediaries and other external influences that exactly what the ecosystem hopes to eradicate, with INGOT will be a direct channel for investors and their customers. This will help to improve the financial market.

Some of the benefits of both investors and customers will benefit from the INGOT ecosystem:

• Ecosystem INGOT Improves the investors ' relations with clients

  • The ecosystem will also improve participation

• It will improve financial market liquidity

• It will provide an almost ideal market

  • All stakeholders will have access to funds.

  • The ecosystem will provide a great payment method and most importantly, it will destroy all intermediaries or third parties.

Third-party involvement has always been a problem with the delay in the transaction process and the alarming increase in transaction fees, moreover, with the INGOT project there will no longer be a need for clearing houses, and it will be replaced by a truly transparent and decentralized ecosystem. The decentralized nature of INGOT will improve the financial market and increase the trust of participants; participants will also be able to make low and fast transactions.
What makes COQUETTE unique is the fact that we are pioneers of such a project. This demonstrates the commitment of the groups. improvement of the financial market.

The ingot coin is a digital currency that will be used in the INGOT ecosystem to reward participants (investors and customers) who are coin holders. They will be rewarded for using coins and participating in the ecosystem. INGOT will be built using ERC20 technology

Information about the tokens.:

  • Pre-ICO start: may 01, 2018;
  • End of pre ICO: 30 June 2018;
  • ICO start: 01 July 2018;
  • ICO ends: August 11, 2018;
    • Token: IC;
    • Price: 1 IC = 1 USD;
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC20);
  • Software: 37 000 000 US dollars;
  • Hard: US $ 90 000 000;
  • Country of origin: Estonia.

For more detailed information, please go to the official website of the ICO -

The team included: Iman Mutlaq, the Foundation's founder, Sheikh Ali al-Khalifa, co-founder, CEO Shibab Ali, Ali Fakih, chief financial officer and Zeid Magbak working as CRO.

A comprehensive financial ecosystem is exactly what is most needed to perfect the current dirty financial system. Thus, the release from the shackles of financial demons is not as far as it seems! Thank you for your attention, go to the official website for a deeper acquaintance with the INGOT project, until we meet again!

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