Welcome my dear subscribers. Today is the weekend, which means that I have prepared for you reviews of promising projects.Today, the life of each of us is at least a little but connected with the crypto economy and we all faced such inconveniences as the choice of crypto wallet, the choice of exchange or Bank. So today, these problems will no longer cause you inconvenience because we have come to the aid of a unique project in this field, which combines all that you can get in crypto economic activity. INGOT COIN is a system that combines within itself a crypto exchange, a wallet, a Bank and many other useful things that you can experience in your ascent to the Olympus crypto economy.

Problems of the industry.

The modern financial system has not evolved for a long time and is at the loss of the 90-ies of the last century, except for a few innovations that can not be considered as evolution because they are so insignificant that in the absence of a rapid jump in this industry a crisis is possible. The industry is currently facing the following problems:

Crypto financial markets are fragmented and uncoordinated.
The mechanisms of the current financial and economic systems are outdated.
Modern financial systems have very high Commission costs.
All of the modern financial markets have expressed open discontent of the cryptocurrency economy.
The above mentioned problems lead to the sad consequences of the current economy, so they scare away investors and force them to look for other methods of investing Finance in their projects.

In turn, INGOT COIN strives to solve these problems comprehensively and improve and simplify the life of all users of the crypto world.

How does INGOT COIN.

INGOT COIN plans to create a unique crypto-economic platform. This system will be able to effectively link together the usual classical economic model with the innovative crypto-economic model, linking them in such a way that financial flows would be stable, risks were minimal, development was linear and not discontinuous, and the benefit for investors and depositors was obvious. INGOT is one step away from combining the past and the future of the economic market and make this mechanism worthy of your attention.

The mechanism of operation is the flowchart below.


INGOT COIN platform consists of several subsystems which give it the right to be called ALL-in-one system.

IC Wallet is the main multi-currency crypto-wallet intended for sending, receiving, and storing digital assets. The wallet is equipped with a multi-level protection to prevent hacking.
IC Exchange. This subsystem will list the main coins and new ICO for the market participants to get acquainted with them.
IC Brokerage. This module is the center of liquidity and will give you access to all financial products of the market.
IC Digital Bank. This service is an online Bank connects all modules together using web services.
IC Crypto Certifier is a kind of online instructor. Which is designed to teach all customers the concept of technologies such as: BL blockchain, it consulting, cryptography and financial consulting, as well as a range of other diverse knowledge in this field. Graduates receive the industry's leading certificate of world level.
ICO Accelerator is an assistant to beginners-startups and entrepreneurs. This module provides such services as PR-services, assistance in creating Whitepaper, assistance in financing, documentation, in General, the full range of services that are necessary for ICO. ICO Accelerator will also list its tokens on the IC Exchange.

Details ICO.

INGOT COIN is without a doubt a unique platform as one decided to take such a risky step and combine it into one Bank system. virtual broker and wallet. This system has every right to be called ALL-in-one. INGOT COIN has developed its own token, which will encourage all users of the system.

Tokens: ICC.
Total issued tokens: 120 000 000 ICC.
Soft cap: $37 000 000
Hard cap: $90 000 000
Start of sales: 1.07.18
End of sales: 11.08.18
Token price: 1 ICC = $1

The development plan can be found on the official website. COIN. The development plan is drawn up until the end of 2020. INGOT COIN team took into account all possible problems that they may face on their way. So you can be sure that this company will be a great success. And all the remaining information you can find on the links below.


White paper:






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