The beauty of blockchain technology cannot be overemphasized because it can be applied to a wide range of industries ( finance, health, workforce, e-commerce etc) due to its effective and efficient solution to the various problem of global economy. The financial industry has felt the most disruption due to the efficiency in transactions offered by blockchain thorough smart contracts creation that allows automated payment so far the conditions of contracts are met. Blockchain technology the underlying technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a technology that creates a world in which contracts are embedded in digital codes and stored in a transparent and shared database, in this database the codes are protected from deletion revisions and tampering offering the much-needed transparency, privacy, and decentralization. INGOT aims to explore the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralization and also use vast experience in the financial market to provide the global financial industry a much-needed ecosystem that will link global markets with its participants. This will serve as a link between the traditional financial markets with the ever-growing blockchain revolution while also allowing the users of the INGOT ecosystem to enjoy its benefits.
Even though we now leave in the era of blockchain revolution many experts in the traditional financial markets believe blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a threat to its existence making the gap between the financial market a huge one. The segregation of this two markets has been a major problem for investors who wish to trade across the market. Large exchange fees to covert fiats to crypto and vice versa is a major example.
Another major issue is the lack of advanced technology in the traditional financial markets as sometimes processing and validation of transactions take days to complete. The high commissions associated with transactions is worth discussing due to the actions of middlemen in form of intermediaries, agents, and brokers who charge excessive fees during transactions. This increased the overall transaction fee and reduce trust level. The cryptocurrency market is also a very volatile market characterized by the pump and dump manipulation by so-called whales who manipulate market prices and volume making cryptocurrency a very risky investment opportunity.

In order proffer a lasting solution to the current problems associate about and achieve INGOT vision of creating an ecosystem that links financial markets with cryptocurrencies, INGOT Coin is creating an all in one ecosystem to tackle these problems. INGOT Coin will create the perfect solution that is complete, blockchain fast by offering the users of the INGOT coin ecosystem a 6 component which includes the IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC Certifier and IC ICO Accelerator to provide them with the much needed financial solution.
• The user of the IC ecosystem will use the IC wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet integrated into the INGOT Coin ecosystem to facilitate the sending, receiving and storage of cryptocurrencies amigo it’s users.
• The user of the INGOT Coin ecosystem will enjoy the benefits of an in-house efficient and reliable IC exchange. New ICO coins will also be listed and the users of the IC ecosystem can exchange crypto and fiat with ease.
• A user can expand investment through an IC brokerage integrated into the platform. This IC brokerage will allow users to trade crypto with stocks or community.
• An integrated digital bank that will facilitate transactions across the INGOT platform.
• INGOT is also more than a financial ecosystem as it aims to provide its users with necessary information and education about blockchain ICO and cryptocurrencies at large through the IC crypto certifier.
• Being a platform that enables continuous growth and development of blockchain. INGOT introduces IC ICO Accelerator with the aim of unlocking funding for all innovative projects by paving the way for creative visions and new ideas.
Note: The INGOT ecosystem is a tokenized ecosystem powered by the INGOT Coin (IC), INGOT own native token. The total supply of IC tokens is 120,000,000 below are details of IC.

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