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Hello friends! I want to tell you about the project Injii. Let's start!

Injii is the streaming platform for social good that engages content creators, charities and fans. Mission is to empower people all over the world to affect positive change in areas including but not limited to poverty, health, human rights and social justice.

Traditional streaming platforms only compensate content creators by paying them for site traffic or for ad spots, making value generation a one-way street that rewards clickbait. That’s NOT how injii works. Through the integration of blockchain technology, injii Access Coin (IAC) simultaneously rewards content creators, viewers, and charities for interacting within the injii community. For the first time, Users are going to be rewarded for doing what they have always done---watching content! By simply viewing streams, casting a vote, and by referring others to the site, Users will earn injii coin which they can use in a variety of ways.


Centralized entities such as governments, banks, and payment processors oversee transactions, making people worldwide rely on these institutions to facilitate and safeguard transactions. Yet another problem with this system is that all of the information about those transactions is kept from the public.

The blockchain, built on sound mathematical principles, is programmed to maintain a collective bookkeeping ledger which is distributed across the entire network. This means that every transaction is logged and available for all to see, and so everyone has access to a shared single source of true and accurate records. The blockchain is the foundation of digital cryptocurrency and a secure transaction system.

As brands compete for attention, having live content is a key differentiator. Live video’s growth is outpacing that of other types of online video, with a 113% increase in ad growth yearly. And by next year (2019), online video will be responsible for 80% of global Internet traffic. In the US alone, online video will be responsible for 85% of domestic Internet traffic.

Viewers spend 8 times longer watching live video than on-demand content. That’s 42.8 minutes for live video versus 5.1 minutes of on-demand. 100 million Internet users watch online video every day. In a market dominated by live video, injii will become a hub of live video content where publishers can buy ad space.

Companies invest in digital marketing because simply-- it works. Digital marketing budgets are projected to grow from $57.29 billion in 2014 to $103.37 billion in 2019. That’s around 55% increase in just 5 years. 96% of B2B organizations are using video as part of their online marketing and 73% report a positive ROI.



Users will be drawn to use injii because of the quality live content and because their interactions on the platform will create value via the the injii Access Coin (IAC), an Ethereum Network Compliant ERC-223 Token.

IAC is the mechanism through which content creators, viewers, and charities are all rewarded in the injii ecosystem. Users that view, rate, and comment on live streams will simultaneously generate IAC directly into their wallet, the wallet of the content creator and, best of all, into the ones of charities they support.

However, the way platform is built will make donations optional since charities will earn IAC while users simply view content.


Once injii Access Coins are earned or acquired, IAC holders can externally transact or exchange them, donate them to charities, or redeem them for events and merchandise offered through the injii marketplace.

At first, injii will partner with major ticketing agencies to provide access to mainstream events such as concerts, shows, festivals, sporting events, etc. As the platform grows, injii will host its own events that will be completely exclusive to IAC holders.

The marketplace offers another outlet for content creators to earn revenue and is a clear way for users to understand the value of their engagement with platform. Content creators can use the marketplace to sell their merchandise and memorabilia, like signed gear or one of a kind items. They will also be able to offer tickets to exclusive events that they organize offline.


In recent years, there has been a boom in the popularity and capabilities of live streaming platforms. Similarly, the number of online fundraising platforms continue to grow with little differentiation in the category.

Injii has identified a unique opportunity to capitalize on both of these surging trends while leveraging some distinct advantages:

  1. Injii doesn’t charge charities money to raise money, which most other platforms do.
  2. Injii rewards our users and content creators simply for their interaction.
  3. Injii is truly devoted to social good and sparking positive change.



In my opinion this project has an excellent idea. Injii has the potential to do enormous good in the world. The injii platform ensures that:
• Content creators are compensated for their talents
• Users are entertained and rewarded for interactivity and engagement
• Charities can easily raise the funds they need to do the work the world needs
I want to wish the team success in the work on the project. I hope the team will succeed.


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