Crypto Collectibles presents #Comics Central Roast of Venom for Inktober2018 Day 3 Roasted


Today's Day 3 theme of Inktober 2018 is "Roasted".  This  little comic started as one thing and went a different direction.  This  was going to be multi panel silly comic with Johnny Storm and a full  panel of random superheros with either him flaming on or putting someone  else on fire and just getting a stupid "roasted" pun in there.   At  some point being topical came to mind with Venom up there because he was  being roasted big time already online for the past day or so.  A Collider video showed up in my feed  literally as I was drawing this involving Lady Gaga fans trolling  Twitter with bad Venom reviews that spurred that commentary for the  anonymous roaster.  I wish I had made a real good joke about Venom in  there.  If you can think of one, here is a blank:


While no set rules on using pencils on Inktober, I do like just going straight pens, here are process pictures:

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