Inktober 2018 Day 5 Chicken

Hello everyone!

Would you chicken out if you see this one evening on your way home? :)

During creation of those I've used my assortment of technical pens for initial sketches and decided to use fine liners and my fountain pen to do the outlines, inking, some filling and finishing touches, and gray markers for filling out empty spaces and adding depth on last image I made.
Here they is:

This was my original idea and although I'm few days late with inktober, I played with that idea for a day or two, or five.

Ultimately, I've decided to do few more variants, add some details, shades and just fool around a bit and I'm happy with what I got at the end.

I will remain silly but I think I will get out of my comfort zone in the future in order to grow and sharpen my skills. This is just one first small step which seems really big.
I'm also fighting with myself as to me the idea of posting every day is troublesome. I'm someone who doesn't like to spam or be spammed in any way, shape or form and I respect other people's time. I sort of got over that initially when I joined steemit but I slowly drifted toward my original mentality so I feel guilty for posting a lot of content, or if I feel that it is bad.
I fear that a quick few minute sketch which I like doing just to relax and get my mind at ease is not enough value so I skipped posting those.

Can you guys please let me know if you would want to see my works no matter how finished and polished they are? By that I mean rough few minute sketches, polished a bit and added some color when I had time, fully finished and flashed out image (which may not happen that often)?
I would really like to know what you guys think.

As for my top secret and really happy news. I'm excited and happy to announce that tomorrow I start working as an IT technician at a local hospital. Yes, I've changed my job and I'll no longer drive all day, I won't do half boring things at work and be grumpy for no reason. I will work in an environment that is a lot of like in that tv show IT crowd and I love it. First time I was there it felt like I was home and that was the reason why I accepted that job. Can't wait to see how it goes. It's exciting!
I'll have the chance to play with networks and pc's (laptops and desktops) and learn a lot of new things which for me is the driving factor in life. Learning and having fun. To me that new position and things I'll have contact with are super interesting. I'll share more in a week. :)

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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