Welcome my dear friends . I have prepared for you an overview of the project. WHAT IS INS?
The INS platform is a global decentralized ecosystem that simplifies the order fulfillment process and allows manufacturers to participate in it on their own, namely: to offer their products for sale, conduct promotional campaigns; implement loyalty programs; receive feedback from consumers, and allows buyers, not retailers, to choose the products they want; vote for new products and placement of goods from other manufacturers.

INS directly connects food manufacturers and consumers with a lightweight and user-friendly application in which the consumer orders the product.

INS Ecosystem Limited, registered as BVI ("INS"), is the official entity that creates INS tokens, platforms and technologies. The company is focused on the production of cryptographic code that will work in the ecosystem INS.

One of the largest consumer markets in the world is the product market. As expected, by 2020, the turnover will reach 8.5 billion dollars, and online stores from $98 billion in 2015 will reach 290 billion dollars in 2020.

Up to 90% of the food market is controlled by a few retailers who abuse influence: unreasonably inflate prices, suppress small traders and provide low-quality goods. Retailers have captured a very large share of revenue and have a huge impact on producers and buyers.

Manufacturers spend a lot of money on marketing to attract customers in a strong monopolistic competition. However, 30% of marketing costs are lost and do not find their customers.

That's why INS is the best solution to this problem.

INS provides direct interaction between the consumer and the manufacturer, thereby bypassing wholesalers and retailers, in other words, manufacturers will be able to sell their products directly to consumers.

With the help of blockchain, additional costs will be significantly reduced. Automation of warehouse accounting, optimization of processes, all this will help to save a lot of time. Blockchain makes the supply chain more efficient and less costly. Ecosystem modules will be deployed in the world's largest cities, with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure its functioning.

Development of open source technology necessary for launching a decentralized ecosystem, and creation of a successful model that will give an incentive to its participants, as well as the creation of a leading position in the market of consumption.

The INS Roadmap includes technology development, operational infrastructure, installments, signing of the agreement and launch of marketing initiatives.

The road map is presented below:


for the consumer:

Unlimited selection of suppliers.
Quality product.
Low price for the goods provided on the platform.
Incentives from manufacturers in the form of discounts and other bonuses.
Opportunity to Express your opinion about the product.
Free choice of brands and products.
Access to independent local producers.
Data protection with blockchain.
Time saving.
for manufacturers:

Control over prices and listing.
Participation in fair competition.
Opportunity to receive direct feedback from customers.
The ability to publish your products making it available for purchase.
Attracting customers through discount programs.
Cost reduction due to the absence of intermediaries.
The ability to create a group of target consumers.
The ability to create individual marketing programs to promote their products.

Use the INS token for all transactions.
There is a net competition of stimulating producers to create better products at a lower price.
Open smart contracts.


The ecosystem will be built according to a scalable and decentralized approach that provides stability and sustainability in the long term.

The INS token is the only medium of exchange in the ecosystem, its value lies in the fact that it can be used to receive bonuses, discounts and promotions, as well as to serve as one of the currencies when buying and selling products. Once the target is reached, the sale will last a maximum of 7 days, and when hardcap is reached, the sale will end immediately. However, INS tokens do not give owners the right to receive dividends in the distribution of income, as well as the right to vote. Users will be able to pay for goods with cryptocurrency, safely and reliably. If soft cap is not reached, the collected funds will be returned to the participants.


A convenient and easy-to-use website and application will be created for all participants of the ecosystem.

In the application, the consumer can easily choose a manufacturer from local farmers to large multinational corporations, choose a product and make an order. He also has the opportunity to participate in referral programs and provide feedback to the manufacturer.

The offer of products on the platform will be formed by manufacturers. Couriers hired by a courier company or acting as independent contractors will follow the instructions received through the application.

The app will be published open source on github. Software development for customization, open source (SDK) tutorials and documentation to make the process of configuring applications as easy as possible will be published.

The application will give the process of execution of orders and allow employees of the center and couriers to coordinate with each other, manufacturers and consumers. The finished application will be published in Google play (Android).

The web interface for manufacturers will work in a web browser without the requirement for installation. The site will allow you to develop and edit the list of products, set delivery options and much more.


The team has 4 years of experience in the food industry and this has created a strong relationship with manufacturers.

The founder of the company is Dmitry Zhulin, he has extensive experience in the field of venture investments and private equity. His profile is retail and e-Commerce. Previously, he worked at VTB Private Equity Rothschild and PwC. He graduated from the University of London with a degree in Finance. It is responsible for SEO.
Another founder is Peter Fedorchenko. He has a wealth of experience in retail and technology. Previous jobs include Goldman Sachs and IBM. He teaches a retail course at the Stockholm school of Economics in Riga.He also holds a master of business administration from Harvard business school.
Dmitry Horvatovich, a Recognized expert in the field of cryptography and security (12 years), deals with smart contracts and blockchain. Designer Argon2 (the winner of the competition of Hashing passwords) and Equihash.
Michael Schmidt is an Entrepreneur and engineer with extensive experience in launching new technological products. Georgia MS Institute of technology and Harvard MBA school of business.
Each member of the team is a recognized expert in their field.



In order to become a member of the ecosystem, the user must create an account on the INS platform.

During registration, the system will create a profile and a wallet. The wallet will store all the data in a decentralized database. It is worth noting that user data will initially be processed centrally on the INS platform, in order that the user would have the opportunity to submit feedback.

Later, the data will be decentralized to ensure confidentiality. All smart contracts are limited in their ability to read data outside the blockchain.

The order status report will be automatically generated during the execution process. Each participant will have a secret key to his account, it is securely encrypted and stored in the wallet. Statuses are reflected in the chain, these data are available to other participants.

This article is written on the basis of information taken from official sources in order to familiarize everyone interested in this project. You are personally responsible for any personal decisions.

More information can be found in these sources:

Official website :

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Whitepaper :

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