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The Internet space dazzles with news announcements each of which tries to sell us something and to prove that these goods or service really approach under needs of the person and solves burning issues. The companies which own a huge share of the budget actively advance advertisements and move forward in tops to be noticed. The user is eternally subject to deception and this architecture of a structure gains mass character in a world wide web and reaches large-scale character. Special attention is paid to specific actions which the user performs in network. Special parsers which collect this information are for this purpose written and used further for the good of enrichment of the enterprises. On it corporations also make money flogging anything and not important what quality a product. The user is some kind of ispytuyemy mouse in a cage!

Users really become less tolerant in relation to advertizing on the Internet classical banners were very quickly transformed to something more persuasive at the same time putting at risk of infection with the malicious software of devices of users.

The company proposes infrastructure solutions of this problem. is the decentralized platform constructed on modern technology a blockchain which ensures safety personal ON from breaking and penetration of harmful viruses and carries out protection of personal data hides existence of activity in the Internet at the expense of a block chain. This technology is absolutely independent and doesn't demand third-party intervention. The ecosystem of is completely scaled and designed to win the power of attorney from the user in the time spent in a general web. - a trust structure with community
How the user pecks on messages of motley character and becomes the hostage of a situation? Harmful software are ground on that to get into trust and to get access to personal data in order that further - to monetize the obtained information and to lock in profits.

Advertisements of virus character I enjoy confidence to them from the user and make illegal actions. So at one careless click personal ON the person it can be infected. Then without any confirmation on ON installation of various and not necessary applications is carried out. Platforms on which such threats are placed are perfectly informed on this factor but steps aren't applied to elimination as it is the personal budget of corporations for the further strategy of a vparivaniye
image (12).png intends to fix completely a problem and offers adequate approach of interaction.

How does it work?
Monetization. This infrastructure will count amount of time which the participant spends on a resource and at the expense of it to carry out calculation of realization of revenue.

Safety. The software will be completely protected from breaking of personal data and penetration of external threats thanks to the technical functions

Complete security. Existence of technology protects a blockchain from theft and a forgery of personal data. In case of transition to the phishing website the system will notify and block various access

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— Autor: upbit
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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